Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Danny Rollings Imitates Lyda Ness-Garcia

All my posts this week have been kind of aggressive and full of accusations. But I have to admit they have been very popular. Who says controversy doesn't sell? But let's put some of that anger aside for a little bit and lets have a good laugh. Today I have decided to post something a little more light hearted. Something that just makes us forget we are going through some harsh times. ***Please don't take this serious. It is only a joke***
(but it's funny huh?)

Below is a picture of Daniel Lynn Rollings aka Danny Steele giving us his best imitation of Lyda Ness-Garcia, candidate for City Council District 1. He has the I don't give a damn about you attitude, the I don't care what the IRS wants aura and the feminine yet don't mess with me because I will bite your head off look. Lyda in a nutshell if you ask me. But I have to admit, Danny does have better eye brows and nicer legs. Oh, stop it! You guys know its true.

This was just Danny's attempt to see what it felt like to be a women in power. His $9.80/hr job for the Sheriff's Department is just not cutting it for him.  Pushing Ellis' wheel chair and being his errand boy is not what he inspired to be. One day when he grows up, he wants to rule the world!!!!!!! (In higher heels of course)


  1. Sammy,
    That is just too funny!
    But, really, was that picture "photo-shopped"?
    I can't believe anybody would let that pic get out. And, no, his legs are not so great.

  2. No photo shop. Just cropped it to get rid of the extra stuff in the background. Plus I never said he hide nice legs, I said they were better than Lyda's. Better is a relative term.

  3. Does he go around in heels pushing the old man in the wheelchair? Since he gets close handicap parking spaces as the chauffeur he must not care!

    Dude I rather go dig ditches than degrade myself to job like that.


  4. No he doesn't push the old man around in heels. He walks around like a very clean cut and respectable guy. But as many if us know that is how he hides his true intentions of world domination. Bill Ellis and Danny Rollings are the new Pinky and the Brain.

  5. This dude (Rollings) needs/must go back to whereever he came from and live under his rock.

  6. I heard he made porn and that's why they started calling him "Steel". He used that money to put himself through college. It was called the Steel Series.

  7. Rollings/Steel/Pinky does not have a college degree and, quite embarrassingly, has only completed 6 to 9 hours of college credit. Any "accomplishments" he has "achieved" have only been attained through "under the table favors" and financial/living expense support from those he has either "soft-soaped" or those who have pity on him. Mainly, the latter. He, truly, is a sad and tired character. Is he still a "leader" in Rio Grande Adelante and El Paso Stonewall Democrats, or are those "organizations" even, still, around and kicking?


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