Sunday, May 8, 2011

George Rodriguez Stoltz Retires From El Paso Police Department......What's Next For Him?

Friends and family gathered at the Sierra Del Sol clubhouse located at 6201 Escondido on Saturday to celebrate the end of the 22 year career of George Rodriguez Stoltz with the El Paso Police Department. Those in attendance enjoyed a video of George's life that consisted of pictures of him as a small child, his high school days at Ysleta High School (those were the good hair years), his first love Nancy, his Marine days, life with his three kids, his 18 month tour in Iraq and of course his days with the El Paso PD.

But this is just another chapter in the life of George Rodriguez Stoltz. At 45 years old, he is still very young and full of energy. George's last day with EPPD was on his 45th birthday and also happened to be on Easter Sunday. George and his wife Nancy took a week long trip to California to celebrate his retirement, so they thought. George was back to work the very next Monday morning as a Sargent with the Texas Tech police department here in El Paso. Nothing is going to keep this guy down.

I asked George if we were going to have another retirement party for him in twenty years but he said he had other plans that might prevent him from retiring from Texas Tech. George ran on the Republican ticket against now Sheriff Richard Wiles back in 2008. George has not said if he would run again in the future but has not ruled out the idea of pursuing another shot at a political career.

So for now all I can tell my good friend is congratulations and good luck in your future ventures.

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