Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Libel Mess-Garcia

Lawsuit threatening, ethics complaint filing, hissy fit throwing, non tax paying, eyebrow threading needing Lyda (what a mess) Ness-Garcia has yet another nickname to add to her resume. Libel Mess-Garcia.

In a front page story in the El Paso Times today, click here for web version, Mess-Garcia's latest mail out was said to be "libelous and defamatory". In her mail out and through other internet sources Libel Mess-Garcia stated "Unlike my opponent, I do not have a criminal record". Referring to an incident that involved her opponent and a tenant. The District Attorney's office confirmed that there was no arrest just a misdemeanor complaint. So Libel Mess-Garcia's allegations seem to be unsubstantiated. Mess-Garcia being the unrelenting lawyer that she is responded by saying something my five year old would say. Well, she did it too! Mess-Garcia responded by saying that her opponent's last mail out was "also false campaigning". Like that justifies her actions.

In the words of and with a picture posted by of one of her henchmen, Jaime Abeytia, "wrong again Charlie Brown". Libel Mess-Garcia has filed ethics complaints that were tossed out for not having any merit, she has tried to file charges against her opponent, but failed once again. She has threatened to sue yours truly for posts on my blog but she has failed. Now I know how David K feels, so disliked. But I will tell you she has really started to irk me. I'm not sure if she really understands what she is doing by stirring the pot. She doesn't realize that by using her friends like Richard Wiles, Bill Ellis and Danny Rollings will only open up a can of worms that would not be beneficiary to Wiles' re-election bid. There are way to many skeletons in the closet to be stirring anything up. No, this has nothing to do with Wiles lifestyle. That is so old and such a non issue. People like Jaime Abeytia jump right up and call me anti-gay for going after a gay man. Then that means I would be anti-Mexican as well for going after Jaime, even though he was born on the 4th of July in Arizona. I don't get the whole 4th of July thing either but that's his claim to being patriotic. Justice is blind, or at least it is supposed to be. So is injustice. I don't care if you are gay, straight or bisexual. I don't care if you are black, white, red or yellow, if you unjustly treat anyone I will call you out on it. I'm not going to sit here and cower down to the name calling. I will stand up to what I believe in. For those who still can't understand why I do what I do, here it is in plain English.

I am a victim of police brutality, police abuse and police corruption. I am constantly threatened by members of the Sheriff's department for speaking the truth. Richard Wiles has even stooped so low as to send a message to my sister who is battling cancer telling me that it would be best if I backed off. Sorry Wiles, its not that easy. The scars on my body still remind me of that day back in August 2004 when your officers brutality abused me. The same scars remind me of the day in 2006 when I sat in your office and you lied to me about the two police officer's discipline records. You, Jaime Abeytia, Bill Ellis, Danny Rollings and Libel Mess-Garcia can roll your eyes all you want. But I assure you justice will be served. Legal justice. Don't get your panties in a wad and claim that I am making some sort of violent threats. I am doing this for me and for every other victim of police abuse that was swept under the carpet just so you could get elected to Sheriff. Like I said before, you belong in jail instead of running one.

So if anyone is wondering why I have all of a sudden started attacking Jaime Abeytia. This is why. He is supposed to be a friend. Yet he laughs and giggles with the people who have made my life hell for the last 6 years. He stands by and allows these people to plot attacks against me at meetings A friend wouldn't let that happen. But that doesn't matter to Jaime Abeytia. Politics comes first to Jaime. He doesn't care about anything else but getting his candidates elected even if it means stopping all over someone he used to call his friend. But it is my fault. I allowed it to happen. But no sense in crying over spilled milk. You have to roll with the punches. This just reminds me of that saying. "Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are." Jaime has some shady friends.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Liar, Liar pants on Fire! Throw The Book At Him.

I said throw the book at him not the porn magazine contract. Only a liberal politician can get away with junk like this.

Congressman Anthony Weiner was literally caught with his pants down about ten days ago after "sexting" a picture of his "junk" to a women. The Congressman led the media and his constituents on a wild charade claiming his Twitter account had been hacked. He lied to the cameras, he lied to his constituents and he lied to his family. He even had Jon Stewart defend him on national television only to have egg on his face as well.

Today Weiner confessed to his improper use of a social media outlet by sending pictures of his "weiner" to a women in Seattle. Rumors of pictures to other women and possible affairs also have surfaced.. He and his liberal smear campaign had called conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart a liar after he posted about an affair and pictures sent to the women in Seattle by the New York Congressman. The bad news is that Weiner is not willing to resign. He argued that his actions showed bad judgement but claims that he never violated his oath of office.

I guess lying to the media, lying his fellow congressman,  lying to his constituents and lying to his family is not considered conduct unbecoming of a Democratic Congressman. Bloggers asked for Edward's head a few days ago but have been silent on Weinergate. Why? Because Weiner has been a very strong advocate against the Republican party. Getting rid of the Weiner Dude would be detrimental to the Democratic smear campaign. But then again keeping him might also hurt them. 

Touch My Weiner Blog

I just wonder if Weiner stays if he would be as hard as he once was? Would he stand up as tall as he did before? Would he be able to last as long as he did under pressure? Will his performance be affected and will he have the same stamina now that he has received this low blow? I don't know about you but I just feel so weird talking so freely about Weiner. If I were catholic, but I'm not, I would go confess after reading this blog. Weiner is a sacred subject and this blog has just made a mockery of it.

Oh what the heck. It's too easy not to make the jokes. Why let the late night guys have all the fun? I just hope that all these jokes get this perv out of office. The "people have done worse" defense does not apply here. You sent  a picture of your "junk" to several women then you need to pack all your junk and leave town buddy.

This was the video that accompanied that now infamous picture of the Congressman's "junk".

Needed Some Time Off To Work......But I'm Baaaaaack!!!

     OK, so I took a few days off. You guys have to realize that this blogging stuff is pro bono, for the public's good  and not for profit. I don't get paid to do it or receive any sort of compensation for doing it so sometimes my work will keep me from blogging. Really, not all of us have it like Jaime Abeytia. I would love to have a job that would allow me to use company equipment on company time to help me put material on my blog. I'm honestly jealous. Entravision supplies Jaime with still cameras, video cameras, a smart phone and editing software to edit any pictures or video he takes so he can post on the KHRO 1150 Facebook page and so he can photo shop it and use it for his own left leaning personal blog and Facebook page. Don't believe me. Just look at the pictures on the Jaime's facebook page here and the pictures on the KHRO 1150 Facebook page here. HMMMMM, they look so much alike. Jaime took the picture using a company camera as he was "covering" an event for the station. He then used a computer at the Entravision station studios to edit the picture and post on his personal Facebook page. Not tyhe first or the last time he will do it. Funny thing is that he criticizes Lyda Ness-Garcia's opponent for using City equipment for campaigning when Jaime uses company equipment and time to do the same. His response, well I'm not running for office. I know Jaime like a book and that's exactly what he is going to say. Oh well, Jaime will be Jaime.

Since we are on the Jaime subject. He is probably going to be really pissed off that I used a music video by the rapper Eminem. Jaime is one of those hard core "The Race" kind of guys and posting anything that is not by Vicente Fernandez or has low riders and girls with "sharpie" eye brows will really make him mad. But then again he is still mad that I went by Sammy C on the radio and not something more "ethnic" like Pancho Lopez. (That's a funny novela, I have to admit I have watched an episode or two........a week.) Everything is about being "Mexican" enough for Jaime. That's really funny coming from a guy whose Spanish only consists of the words.......ese, vato, and orale. Most of the time in the same sentence too. But I look at it like a guy with penis envy. WHAT?! Yeah I said it. Penis envy. He is trying to overcome his short comings, not speaking the language, not really understanding what people from Mexico really want since he doesn't really understand their language and not being born in his "homeland" so he overcompensates with the whole fist in the air "The Race" thing. You want to be a "real" Mexican? I'll tell you what my father told me. Take your little nalgas and live in Mexico one year. You want to talk about "the Struggle"? Struggle a year in poverty and corruption then you can throw your fist up in the air. Thats if you have any energy left. Support your family on pennies a day, work your hands to the bone, work in inhumane work conditions, live in substandard housing that you have to pay full price for with your chump change of a salary because you get no government assistance, pay for your children's education, I'm talking about elementary, middle school and high school age children, not college that's even more expensive, for one year and then come back and tell me what kind of Mexican you are. Till then, you are just another case of penis envy. Those who yell the loudest have the least.

But now about me. I recently posted an accusation about Lyda Mess-Garcia. Unfortunately their was an exception to the rule. So sue me! Oh wait. I am being threatened with lawsuits. The Mess gang, to include Jaime Abeytia and Danny Rollings have decided to post threatening and intimidating comments on my blog to include threats of being sued. What did I expect after blogging about a lawyer. This is the same lady, I use that loosely considering the paternity tests are still pending (zing!), who has tried to press charges on her opponent and who has had ethics complaints she filed against her opponent dismissed after being found to not have any merit. I will say my cooments were wrong but I am not retracting anything. You can KMA! I don't curse on my blog but I bet you can make out what that means. Jaime is rolling, not Rollings, I said rolling his eyes right about now. Interesting thing is that one of the "intimidating" comments  posted by a made up pen name some how ended up word for word on Jaime's blog. Once again David K was wrong. But then again he said he hoped he wasn't wrong this time. But he was. Jaime is one of Lyda Mess-Garcia's hired guns. His little 11 day self pity escapade of a retirement was just Jaime's way of getting an "Attaboy" from people because he felt that he was not appreciated. How old are you again Jaime? Tan peludo y tan lloron? (A little too hairy to be such a crybaby don't you think?) Jaime is going full force on the Mess campaign. He won't let something as insignificant like a friendship get in the way. Lose is a four letter word to him. Losing is not an option.....again. He will roll around in bed with the enemy just to get this win. I hope just figuratively. But then again Jaime is the gayest straight man I have ever met. Come on he is the Vice Chair( I know President but this will just piss him off more) of the Stonewall Democrats. Not just a member, but the Vice Chair. Talk about awkward. 

What the heck am I ranting about? Yeah. I'm ranting. I'm not a reporter so don't expect any  reporting. I am just a blogger. A guy who feels like his words might, and I emphasize might, relate to other like minded people. But there is no scientific proof to bacjk that last statement. So don't expect professionalism here. Funny thing is that it is the Jaime followers who posted their complaints on my blog. Yet he is the one whose mouth is worse than a drunken sailors. But who am I to judge. I have the worst put together blog in El Paso. I can't write worth a darn. I couldn't make it past the second level of a first grade spelling bee, did I spell that right? My high school English teacher who I had for English 1-4 is probably rolling over in her grave right about now and the teacher who diagnosed me with dyslexia, funny thing is that I spelled it backwards before I corrected it, in the military probably shot himself after finding out I din't do a damn thing to fix my problem. But guess what? I'm not here to be a Pulitzer prize winner. I'm not hoping to be hired by any news publication. I just do this for fun and to piss off people like Jaime Abeytia who are so full of their own left wing caca that it isn't even funny. If you find my crappy blogging at least one bit entertaining and just a tad bit informative then I have succeeded. If not then you should click on another link.

Since we are talking about complaints on my blog. Danny Rollings, you may have seen him in the gay porn Steele Series, has been posting the complaints on my blog stating that he is a Republican and that he finds my blogging and attacks on Mess offensive. Let's take a step back here. This is the same guy, I use that loosely, who claimed to be a hard core converted Democrat. He is the President of the Stonewall Democrats who denies being a registered voter in New Mexico. Not just a voter but a registered Republican in New Mexico. How do I know its him? Well, someone who knows Daisy very well, yeah he is referred to as Daisy, knows the pen names that Rollings uses and the trends that Rollings has and has identified several of Rollings posts as a conservative or a Republican as post by the President of the El Paso Stonewall Democrats. 

One last ax to grind. Jaime had posted last week that I was wrong about what I had said about "people" quiting the Stonewall Democrats. He said I exaggerated when it was only two people who quit the group. But in the same post he said that they have five paid members. So lets do the math. You have 5 paid members, according to the State Stonewall Democrats you need 10 paid members to be an official chapter so I guess you are not, and two quit. That means about 28.5% percent of your members quit. Your right Jaime, 28.5% does NOT constitute people quiting. I'm so sorry Jaime. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Representative John Garza Named Freshman of the Year by the Hispanic Republican Caucus

For Immediate Release

June 1, 2011

Statement on State Rep. Garza Named as “Freshman of the Year” of the Hispanic Republican Conference
Austin, Texas

The Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas (LNRC) congratulates State Representative John Garza (R-San Antonio) for being selected as Freshman of the Year of the Hispanic Republican Conference in the Texas House.

His steadfast leadership, in pushing for election integrity and in assisting small Texas communities, as well as, his commitment to conservative ideals have been evident during this legislative session. We are grateful for the role he has played in this conference and in making Texas better.

“We are proud to call State. Rep. John Garza a dear friend and have him as a member of the LNRC. We appreciate the support he has shown to our organization and in representing the values of Hispanics and all Texans alike. We look forward to continuing to work with him in actively reaching the Hispanic Community of Texas,” said Artemio Muniz, Chairman.

The LNRC is a nonprofit organization and an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas.


Media Contact:

Eric Garza, Vice Chairman
(956) 465-8499

Adryana Boyne, National Committeewoman
(979) 450-9238

Ivan Andarza, National Committeeman
(512) 775-3958

Texas Senate Takes Out SBOE Chair. What Now?

The Texas Senate, whose attacks were led by El Paso's very own Senator Jose Rodriguez, has removed SBOE Chair Gail Lowe from her position leaving that position vacant. Senator Rodriguez, who  must have realized that Lowe had no educational experience, led the charge against her confirmation in the senate. This now forces Governor Perry to have to appoint a new Chair to the State Board Of Education.

There are 15 members on the board all with different backgrounds and different levels of educational experience.    You have members who have sat on the board for several terms and you have some freshman. You have liberals on the left and honestly some on the right as well, who would love the opportunity to be the Chair. Unfortunately for them the appointments come from Republican Governor Rick Perry. So who will Governor Perry appoint?

Senator Rodriguez' actions in the senate may have opened the doors for El Paso's own Charlie Garza. Garza was in the trenches battling it out for teachers and students when the state budget was being hashed out. Being an educator himself, he realized how important it was to get as much funding to the school districts and met with local school superintendents and school boards to hear their concerns. Something that had not been done for over 23 years in El Paso. Garza spoke out when the Texas legislature "swallowed" $4 billion to help meet budget shortfalls leaving school districts worried about their children's future. Garza supports teaching TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills), supports teachers and most importantly supports students. Something that can't be said about his predecessor.

There has never been an SBOE Chair from El Paso. Better yet, there has never been a Hispanic Chair on the SBOE. Senator Rodriguez might just have done something great for El Paso. Now I feel bad for bashing him so much. First he admits that El Pasoans are being targeted by drug cartels, at the University Medical Center hospital, and now he potentially gets Charlie Garza nominated to the Chair of the SBOE. There might be some hope for Democratic Senator Jose Rodriguez.

But of course we still have to wait for Rick Perry to nominate him. I'm kind of jumping the gun here. But lets take a look at his credentials. Garza is an assistant principal in the Clint Independent School District in El Paso. He has served as an education administrator in college, high school, middle and elementary school. Garza earned his undergraduate degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, a Master’s Degree from Old Dominion University, did doctoral work at The George Washington University and completed his course work for his superintendent certificate at The University of Texas at El Paso. And if that wasn't enough, he beat out the now infamous Larry Medina in a highly contested race for President of the El Paso Community College student government back in the day. (I was told that Medina lost the election because he said he was in the race one day, then he was out of the race but left all his campaign signs up on the Community College campuses throughout the election after giving a tearful speech about why he wasn't running to the school newspaper.) Garza then went on to become the Texas Jr College Student Association President. So who better to be the head of a board that over looks education than an actual educator?

I guess this rumor will get those atheist left wing extremist at TFN (Texas Freedom Network) all worked up. They have been attacking Gail Lowe on their website since her appointment in 2009 and are all giddy about her not being confirmed. I would really love to see the look on their faces if Governor Perry nominates Charlie Garza as the Chair of the SBOE. TFN had pretty much stuck a fork in Garza after the redistricting committee butchered Garza's district. According to Garza, "no one saw the complete map prior to voting on it". Anyone with half a brain could see it was the committee's way of trying to eliminate conservatives from the SBOE. Now we just wait and see if Senator Rodriguez' actions make El Paso the home of the new SBOE Chair.

Thanks Senator Rodriguez, I could give you a big wet kiss right about now.

Lyda Ness-Garcia Accepts Corporate Loans

As if all her screw up weren't enough. Lyda Ness has gotten herself in another mess. Her campaign finance report dated April 14, 2011 was turned in with a schedule E (campaign loans). The document shows that she loaned herself, no wait, her business The Law Offices of Lyda Ness-Garcia PC loaned her $500 on 3/17/2011 and then loaned her $2000 on 4/11/2011. Unfortunately her company is a Professional Corporation. Under the Texas Ethics Commission it is prohibited for a corporation to make loans to any type of campaign unless it's a financial institution.

Lyda a. Ness-Garcia Finace Report

I'm interested to see how Maria Garcia and Jaime Abeytia try to dismiss this one. Here are the statutes just in case you want to check for yourself.

§ 24.5. Corporate Loans
(a) A corporation may not make a loan to a candidate, officeholder, or political committee for 
campaign or officeholder purposes unless: 
(1) the corporation has been legally and continuously engaged in the business of lending 
money for at least one year before the loan is made; and 
(2) the loan is made in the due course of business. 
(b) This section does not apply to a loan to a political committee that supports or opposes 
measures exclusively
Page 123

(You hear that? It's the Mess Machine grumbling and plotting their revenge)