Monday, June 6, 2011

Needed Some Time Off To Work......But I'm Baaaaaack!!!

     OK, so I took a few days off. You guys have to realize that this blogging stuff is pro bono, for the public's good  and not for profit. I don't get paid to do it or receive any sort of compensation for doing it so sometimes my work will keep me from blogging. Really, not all of us have it like Jaime Abeytia. I would love to have a job that would allow me to use company equipment on company time to help me put material on my blog. I'm honestly jealous. Entravision supplies Jaime with still cameras, video cameras, a smart phone and editing software to edit any pictures or video he takes so he can post on the KHRO 1150 Facebook page and so he can photo shop it and use it for his own left leaning personal blog and Facebook page. Don't believe me. Just look at the pictures on the Jaime's facebook page here and the pictures on the KHRO 1150 Facebook page here. HMMMMM, they look so much alike. Jaime took the picture using a company camera as he was "covering" an event for the station. He then used a computer at the Entravision station studios to edit the picture and post on his personal Facebook page. Not tyhe first or the last time he will do it. Funny thing is that he criticizes Lyda Ness-Garcia's opponent for using City equipment for campaigning when Jaime uses company equipment and time to do the same. His response, well I'm not running for office. I know Jaime like a book and that's exactly what he is going to say. Oh well, Jaime will be Jaime.

Since we are on the Jaime subject. He is probably going to be really pissed off that I used a music video by the rapper Eminem. Jaime is one of those hard core "The Race" kind of guys and posting anything that is not by Vicente Fernandez or has low riders and girls with "sharpie" eye brows will really make him mad. But then again he is still mad that I went by Sammy C on the radio and not something more "ethnic" like Pancho Lopez. (That's a funny novela, I have to admit I have watched an episode or two........a week.) Everything is about being "Mexican" enough for Jaime. That's really funny coming from a guy whose Spanish only consists of the words.......ese, vato, and orale. Most of the time in the same sentence too. But I look at it like a guy with penis envy. WHAT?! Yeah I said it. Penis envy. He is trying to overcome his short comings, not speaking the language, not really understanding what people from Mexico really want since he doesn't really understand their language and not being born in his "homeland" so he overcompensates with the whole fist in the air "The Race" thing. You want to be a "real" Mexican? I'll tell you what my father told me. Take your little nalgas and live in Mexico one year. You want to talk about "the Struggle"? Struggle a year in poverty and corruption then you can throw your fist up in the air. Thats if you have any energy left. Support your family on pennies a day, work your hands to the bone, work in inhumane work conditions, live in substandard housing that you have to pay full price for with your chump change of a salary because you get no government assistance, pay for your children's education, I'm talking about elementary, middle school and high school age children, not college that's even more expensive, for one year and then come back and tell me what kind of Mexican you are. Till then, you are just another case of penis envy. Those who yell the loudest have the least.

But now about me. I recently posted an accusation about Lyda Mess-Garcia. Unfortunately their was an exception to the rule. So sue me! Oh wait. I am being threatened with lawsuits. The Mess gang, to include Jaime Abeytia and Danny Rollings have decided to post threatening and intimidating comments on my blog to include threats of being sued. What did I expect after blogging about a lawyer. This is the same lady, I use that loosely considering the paternity tests are still pending (zing!), who has tried to press charges on her opponent and who has had ethics complaints she filed against her opponent dismissed after being found to not have any merit. I will say my cooments were wrong but I am not retracting anything. You can KMA! I don't curse on my blog but I bet you can make out what that means. Jaime is rolling, not Rollings, I said rolling his eyes right about now. Interesting thing is that one of the "intimidating" comments  posted by a made up pen name some how ended up word for word on Jaime's blog. Once again David K was wrong. But then again he said he hoped he wasn't wrong this time. But he was. Jaime is one of Lyda Mess-Garcia's hired guns. His little 11 day self pity escapade of a retirement was just Jaime's way of getting an "Attaboy" from people because he felt that he was not appreciated. How old are you again Jaime? Tan peludo y tan lloron? (A little too hairy to be such a crybaby don't you think?) Jaime is going full force on the Mess campaign. He won't let something as insignificant like a friendship get in the way. Lose is a four letter word to him. Losing is not an option.....again. He will roll around in bed with the enemy just to get this win. I hope just figuratively. But then again Jaime is the gayest straight man I have ever met. Come on he is the Vice Chair( I know President but this will just piss him off more) of the Stonewall Democrats. Not just a member, but the Vice Chair. Talk about awkward. 

What the heck am I ranting about? Yeah. I'm ranting. I'm not a reporter so don't expect any  reporting. I am just a blogger. A guy who feels like his words might, and I emphasize might, relate to other like minded people. But there is no scientific proof to bacjk that last statement. So don't expect professionalism here. Funny thing is that it is the Jaime followers who posted their complaints on my blog. Yet he is the one whose mouth is worse than a drunken sailors. But who am I to judge. I have the worst put together blog in El Paso. I can't write worth a darn. I couldn't make it past the second level of a first grade spelling bee, did I spell that right? My high school English teacher who I had for English 1-4 is probably rolling over in her grave right about now and the teacher who diagnosed me with dyslexia, funny thing is that I spelled it backwards before I corrected it, in the military probably shot himself after finding out I din't do a damn thing to fix my problem. But guess what? I'm not here to be a Pulitzer prize winner. I'm not hoping to be hired by any news publication. I just do this for fun and to piss off people like Jaime Abeytia who are so full of their own left wing caca that it isn't even funny. If you find my crappy blogging at least one bit entertaining and just a tad bit informative then I have succeeded. If not then you should click on another link.

Since we are talking about complaints on my blog. Danny Rollings, you may have seen him in the gay porn Steele Series, has been posting the complaints on my blog stating that he is a Republican and that he finds my blogging and attacks on Mess offensive. Let's take a step back here. This is the same guy, I use that loosely, who claimed to be a hard core converted Democrat. He is the President of the Stonewall Democrats who denies being a registered voter in New Mexico. Not just a voter but a registered Republican in New Mexico. How do I know its him? Well, someone who knows Daisy very well, yeah he is referred to as Daisy, knows the pen names that Rollings uses and the trends that Rollings has and has identified several of Rollings posts as a conservative or a Republican as post by the President of the El Paso Stonewall Democrats. 

One last ax to grind. Jaime had posted last week that I was wrong about what I had said about "people" quiting the Stonewall Democrats. He said I exaggerated when it was only two people who quit the group. But in the same post he said that they have five paid members. So lets do the math. You have 5 paid members, according to the State Stonewall Democrats you need 10 paid members to be an official chapter so I guess you are not, and two quit. That means about 28.5% percent of your members quit. Your right Jaime, 28.5% does NOT constitute people quiting. I'm so sorry Jaime. 

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