Tuesday, May 10, 2011

President Plays Piñata Politics In El Paso.......Must Be Campaign Season

I guess it wasn't enough for Latinos to fall for Obama's lies one time. President Obama was in El Paso, Texas today telling the same old lies he told in to get elected in 2008. Let me refresh your memory just in case you forgot.
"What I can guarantee is that we will have in the first year an immigration bill that I strongly support and that I'm promoting. And I want to move that forward as quickly as possible." - May 2008

He is half way through his last term and nothing on immigration.(yeah I said last). Are Latinos supposed to believe him this time around.

Left leaning BNHR (Border Network For (certain) Human Rights) held protests at San Jacinto Plaza demanding that Obama pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill now or else they would kick him out of office. But for some reason  Fernando Garcia, Executive Director of BNHR,  has had a temporary case of amnesia and has been on several news outlets applauding the President's speech. Come on Fernando. I know there might be a slight language barrier but even you can understand when someone is lying to you.

Obama chose the Chamizal National Park because it is just a few yards away from Mexico. You could actually see the huge Mexican flying in the background. That's until they took it down. They must have read my previous post. (I just said that to make Jaime Abeytia mad but Reyes' staffers do read this blog)

Obama told some story about a guy named Jose, he shook some hands, took some pictures and dangled the idea of a comprehensive immigration bill over these poor souls' heads and they just went nuts for it. How the heck can people allow this guy to come into El Paso and make his false campaign promises for the second time? These people didn't care. They are just happy that they touched his hand and happy to post his picture on FaceBook. What is either of those two things going to do for people who are legally trying to come into this country. Not a damn thing I tell you. But like always, the only time we talk about immigration is during election season. So get ready for a bunch of lip service.

Securing our borders always comes up when we talk about immigration reform. I was interviewed by 8 different reporters and every single one of them told me that the border was already secure and that we lived in the safest city with only 5 murders. The reporters were both local and national. I guess they all read Caveman Reyes' newsletter. I had to correct every single one of them, We were the safest city(with 500k or more residents) last year 2010, we are alomost half way through 2011 already, but our homicide rate has more than doubled the rate of last year. And I even quoted Senator Jose Rodriguez when he said that there was a security risk at University Medical Center and that patients were being targeted by the drug cartels. Go figure, I was at a Democrat event and I fought off the attacks using the words of another Democrat. The reporters told me that they had talked to Rodriguez and that he had told all of them that it was only a preventative measure. WOW! I agree with him again. Republicans have been trying to secure the borders as a preventative measure this whole time. But why is OK for a Democrat to do it at a hospital but not OK for Republicans to do it for the whole border? Are those drug cartel members going to stop targeting people right at the end of the hospital parking lot? I think not. I think Rodriguez is on the right track. Or he is a hypocrite who is only trying to benefit monetarily from UMC having their own police department. Only time will tell.

But let's talk about the load of stuff that we get from Obama and our Democratic elected officials. They all keep saying El Paso is the safest city in the whole wide world and that we have nothing to worry about yet the President shut down the international bridge and most of the streets for a two mile radius. So what happened to being safe Mr. President? You tell us we have nothing to worry about living in El Paso yet when you come to El Paso you have helicopters in the sky, conducting surveillance, you put men armed with semi-automatic weapons at the bridge, keeping anyone from coming into the country that might harm you, you have sharp shooters on roof tops to take out any immediate threat and you have every single law enforcement agency present to protect you at the park. Why can you do that but when Republicans suggest we take the same safety measures, but not to the extreme you took them to, they are called anti-immigrant and racist? Something just doesn't jive here. All you needed was to have drones flying and you pretty much would have had what Republicans have been suggesting to do to secure our borders. But I guess we only need to do that for you when you are here and hope nothing happens to us when your gone.

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