Monday, June 6, 2011

Liar, Liar pants on Fire! Throw The Book At Him.

I said throw the book at him not the porn magazine contract. Only a liberal politician can get away with junk like this.

Congressman Anthony Weiner was literally caught with his pants down about ten days ago after "sexting" a picture of his "junk" to a women. The Congressman led the media and his constituents on a wild charade claiming his Twitter account had been hacked. He lied to the cameras, he lied to his constituents and he lied to his family. He even had Jon Stewart defend him on national television only to have egg on his face as well.

Today Weiner confessed to his improper use of a social media outlet by sending pictures of his "weiner" to a women in Seattle. Rumors of pictures to other women and possible affairs also have surfaced.. He and his liberal smear campaign had called conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart a liar after he posted about an affair and pictures sent to the women in Seattle by the New York Congressman. The bad news is that Weiner is not willing to resign. He argued that his actions showed bad judgement but claims that he never violated his oath of office.

I guess lying to the media, lying his fellow congressman,  lying to his constituents and lying to his family is not considered conduct unbecoming of a Democratic Congressman. Bloggers asked for Edward's head a few days ago but have been silent on Weinergate. Why? Because Weiner has been a very strong advocate against the Republican party. Getting rid of the Weiner Dude would be detrimental to the Democratic smear campaign. But then again keeping him might also hurt them. 

Touch My Weiner Blog

I just wonder if Weiner stays if he would be as hard as he once was? Would he stand up as tall as he did before? Would he be able to last as long as he did under pressure? Will his performance be affected and will he have the same stamina now that he has received this low blow? I don't know about you but I just feel so weird talking so freely about Weiner. If I were catholic, but I'm not, I would go confess after reading this blog. Weiner is a sacred subject and this blog has just made a mockery of it.

Oh what the heck. It's too easy not to make the jokes. Why let the late night guys have all the fun? I just hope that all these jokes get this perv out of office. The "people have done worse" defense does not apply here. You sent  a picture of your "junk" to several women then you need to pack all your junk and leave town buddy.

This was the video that accompanied that now infamous picture of the Congressman's "junk".

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