Monday, September 27, 2010

Raul Amaya Defends The El Paso League of Women Voters' Agenda

Charlie Garza's Response to the El Paso
League of Women Voters 

I have received some e-mails that were originally sent by Raul Amaya on the issue of the League of Women Voters and the planned firing squad for SBOE Republican Candidate Charlie Garza. In them Raul insists that the so called "forum" was intended as an opportunity to make a good impression on the community by both candidates and claims: 

"We didn’t put this agenda together in an attempt to stack the deck against you.(but they did) The people on our panel are people who have been & are involved in education & educational issues."

Yet, in an e-mail I talked about in a previous post certain information was leaked by a very good source saying that Senator Shapleigh and the other panelist were going to attack Charlie on an incident that happened while he was employed at EPPC. The e-mail that was intercepted was actually from an organizer of the firing squad. But of coarse Raul's latest e-mail says otherwise. Read it for yourself,  it is somewhat on the defensive side. Kind of like when you have been caught red handed and you try to talk your way out of it. Or so I've heard.
"You have no guarantees that whatever the panelists plan to say or say will be fact checked because the EPLWV has no idea what they plan to say or will say. We didn’t ask any of the panelists to submit what they plan to say nor will we now. We aren’t a censorship committee."

Come on Raul. How are we supposed to believe that you have no idea what is going to be said? The e-mail drew out your plans to attack Charlie and you have ties with Senator Shapleigh? Check this out. Or like we like to say in my house "Watcha"....According to the KHRO website Raul is a member of the financial literacy subcommittee of the Invest in the American Dream Community Initiative sponsored by the office of guess who? Senator Eliot Shapleigh. But Raul still sticks to his non biased story with this statement:
"The people on our panel are people who have been & are involved in education & educational issues."
In the words of my buddy to my left on Fridays, this doesn't pass the smell test. In a comical back and forth between Charlie Garza and Raul Amaya, Charlie pretty much had Raul on the ropes most of the time with Raul taking wild punches that only left him open to more body shots, Mr. Garza voiced his concerns about the El Paso LWV and their role in this very poorly planned firing squad.

"Again, let me elaborate in more detail the Senator’s partisanship that I am sure you are aware of: He fought against the TRE at EPISD and made mention of information that Dr. Garcia alleges is inaccurate, he spoke against the appointment of the chairman to the SBOE, and he was involved in the primary against a sitting SBOE member. On face value the aforementioned suggest that if the LWV is to maintain their own statement of purpose they would fact check (not censor) the information."

The SBOE deals with students and teachers. While the "non-partisan" League Of Women Voters has invited politicians, Mr. Garza sent an e-mail to Raul Amaya stating:
"I have invited several teachers who have seen me advocate for children but I have yet to be told what the seating capacity is. Given that they are my guests and they have a vested interest in the SBOE I would like them to be given preferential seating (after all they are educators) and the SBOE is supposed to represent them."
Call me crazy but I have a feeling Charlie's request won't be granted. I wouldn't be surprised if Raul responds by saying that all the seats have been reserved for an audience that was chosen by the El Paso League of Women Voters. It's not as far fetched as it sounds.

Let's talk about Rene Nunez for a little bit. Did you know that Rene Nunez is a 22 year incumbent who is a Real Estate agent? He did teach for about 4 years about 18 years ago but that was a long time ago. The man is so out of touch with the education system that he is doing our kids an injustice. Maybe if he was running for the Board of Realtors his experience could be taken into consideration. But he's not. He is running for the School Board of Education. He has been out of the class room for so long that he has no idea what our kids or teachers need or what is best for them. He has turned into a life time politician who is in it just for re-election purposes and not for the education of our children. Let's kick this career politician to the curb and elect some fresh blood. Seems to me that Senator Shapleigh is just using Mr. Nunez as another one of his puppets to promote his own agenda and his plans to run for office in the near future. Let's put a stop to it right here and now!

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