Wednesday, September 22, 2010

League of Women Voters and the SBOE, SBO What?

The race for Texas State Board of Education District 1 is heating up. Republican Candidate Charlie Garza is going up against 22 year incumbent and Democratic Candidate Rene Nunez. The seat covers 38 counties along the Rio Grande and reaches as far north as Midland. That's a whole lot country to cover if you ask me.

Rene Nunez

There had not been too much activity between these two candidates in the past, even though Charlie Garza had been trying to get Rene Nunez to debate him for a while now. Then here comes the League of Women Voters, the El Paso version. They were able to set up a much anticipated debate between Garza and Nunez on September 30th in the El Paso Garden Center at Memorial Park located at 3105 Grant.

Now according to the League of Women Voters website:
"The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization that includes both men and women supporting issues but not candidates and parties. The League does not support any political party or candidate, but can does take positions on issues after study and consensus by its members."
Saying that, now let me get to the panel for the forum:

TX State Senator Eliot Shapleigh

Alfredo Borrego, board member, EPISD Board of Trustees
Dr. James C. Vasquez, Executive Director, Region 19
Dr. Julio Noboa, Asst. Professor of Social Studies, College of Education, UTEP

Do you see anything in common with the panelist? Maybe PARTY AFFILIATION! They are
All Democrats. And to make things worse, two of the panelist will be allowed to give their view of what the SBOE is doing without giving Charlie a chance to rebuttal.

This isn't a panel, this is more of a firing squad. I wouldn't be surprised if Charlie was given a cigarette and a blind fold as soon as he walks in. I can't believe that the League of Women Voters, a self proclaimed non-partisan organization would set up a one sided panel like this, and not have one woman on it. I know, the League includes both men and women but they could have at least had one woman on the panel.  What am I complaining about? She would have been a Democrat anyway.

Rumor says that the panel lead by Shapleigh would have attacked Charlie on an incident that happened when he worked at Community College. Knowing that the debate was a firing squad most people would just call it quits and gone home.

Charlie Garza

Not Charlie. After several conversations with supporters and members of his inner circle from throughout the state, Charlie has decided to do the debate. WOW! Is he out of his mind? No, not at all. Intercepting that intel prior to the debate has allowed Charlie to prepare for the supposed ambush and considering that Charlie is a Double Ruby Debate Champion(I don't know what that really means, but it's supposed to be something big) he will be ready to take on Nunez and his henchmen. But of coarse, Charlie has said that he will do this debate but he expects Rene Nunez to participate in a debate set up by Charlie, in a place picked by Charlie and a panel personally selected by Charlie. It would only be fair, actually it would only be appropriate.

Now many of you might say that I am full of it and making things up. Let me give you a little inside scoop. A few weeks ago I attended a meeting at the new GOP Headquarters. The phone rang and since I was the closest to the phone I picked it up. It was Raul Amaya, yes KHRO's very own Raul Amaya calling asking for contact information for Charlie Garza on behalf of the League of Women Voters. I answered like the good little secretary that I am not and asked. May I ask what this is about? Raul told me he was calling to invite Charlie to participate in a debate with Rene Nunez. I recognized his voice and asked him if he was Raul Amaya of KHRO 1150. He said yes so I told him I was Sammy C. He then preceded to come after me about comments I made on the air. He then started to bash the Republican Party. So much for non partisan at this point. Not a smart idea to call the Republican Headquarters and start talking bad about them when you are representing a "non-partisan" group.

The League of Women Voters is misleading the people of El Paso and needs to be called out for it. And I'm sorry if I offend Raul Amaya, but I'm just calling it like I see it.

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