Friday, September 3, 2010

Larry Laying It On Thick.......Again

Larry Medina turned himself in to the FBI building in front of cameras on Thursday. He did it in typical Larry style. He walked in with a certain swagger, he smiled , he flirted with the ladies and he told all the reporters that even the FBI was shocked to see him there. They must have been so shocked to see him that they just charged him with violating the Racketeering Influence and Conspiracy Organization Act, more commonly known as the RICO act just for showing up. The Rico Act might sound familiar because that is what all the Barrio Azteca gang members get charged with in addition to any crime they commit. His frequent use of the term "Carnal" might come in handy pretty soon.

According to the indictment, Medina was also charged with one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, deprivation of honest services and aiding and abetting. I wonder what employee he is going to blame now? I bet he is going to tell the El Paso Times it was all a misunderstanding and it will all be fixed within the next couple days. Oh wait, he already used those excuses last time. Darn, it seems he is going to have to come up with something new for this one.

I wonder if he is going treat it like his resignation from the Ethics Commission and refuse to submit anything in writing? Who knows what Larry is going to do? I don't think Larry himself knows what he is going to do. But whatever it is , it will be in typical Larry style. Don't be shocked if tears are shed.

Larry was laying it on thick for the cameras telling them that this is an opportunity to prove his innocence. I think its just another case of Larry being Larry. Honestly, how many times can a guy be accused of some sort of corruption before people finally start believing he is corrupt? And to think that this guy was appointed to the ethics commission? Only in El Paso would the Ethics Commission have problems with their own lack of ethics.


  1. This is all really sad. Not only did these people betray the public, evidently they did so for only $1,000.

    Would you sell your good name for $1,000? I KNOW I wouldn't.

    It is time for El Paso to clean house in November.

    Tim Collins

  2. Like I said on Facebook. These people believe no one can touch them since their political party and their friends dominate and control this town. What's the FBI to do about this...NOTHING. These people who were indicted probably think this indictment is more of a photo opportunity. These days the corrupt become appreciated and the ones who do good things are demonized. I'm surprised Sylvester Reyes, Jaime Esparza, and Jose Rodriguez didn't make this an opportunity for them


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