Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sheriff Demotes 22 Because He Couldn't Do What He Was Told

El Paso Sheriff Richard Wiles just can't get out of the news can he?

Sheriff Wiles was just on television saying he was going to demote 22 recently promoted Sergeants and said he was doing so because Commissioner's Court forced him to do it. A few weeks back Wiles was on the news after Commissioner's Court told him he had to cut $3 million dollars from his whopping $83 million dollar budget. But he didn't do it so County Commissioners suggested cutting the 22 positions that would save the County $1.8 million a year. So if my three years at Bel Air High School don't fail me now, that means Wiles only has $1.2 million to go. Do you think you can do that Sheriff Wiles?

Of coarse Wiles is on television complaining and blaming other people for what he has failed to do. There is nothing like watching a big tough guy like Richard Wiles try to play the victim. It's really comical if you ask me.

He had not cut his budget like he was told so County Commissioner's Court helped him do it. The Commissioners aren't stupid though. They can see the game Wiles is playing so they are making Wiles decide how he is going to make the final cuts. A simple game of political Chess. Who do you think will win this match?

I just feel bad for those 22 Sergeants who are being demoted. All that hard work to make the rank gone because their boss could not follow orders. What do you think that does to morale? I bet most of those in the Sheriff's department hate all the Commissioners about now. They should really look at the situation and realize that their leader is the one who is putting them out to try. If Wiles would have found somewhere to cut $3 million out of his budget those 22 Sergeants wouldn't have to be going home tonight delivering the bad news to their spouses or to their kids.

But that's not the case. Wiles put on his Poker Face(the Lady GaGa version) and hoped the County Commissioners would back down. They called him on his bluff and now 22 families will have a somber dinner tonight. I really hope there will be 22 families who will be questioning the leadership at the Sheriff's Department and not blaming the County Commissioners for their short comings.

There are many places Wiles could start to cut to save those positions.
If you ask me he could start off by getting rid of Bill Ellis. According to the Sheriff Department's website, Ellis is Wiles' Executive Administrative Officer. He was the former Police Union's Attorney and most claim he is Wiles' personal on staff attorney. Why would anybody on the County payroll need an on staff attorney? Isn't that what the County Attorney's office is for? I bet Ellis' salary would give a couple of those Sergeants there positions back. I say get rid of Ellis!

Now as many of you know, or have figured out by now, I am not a big fan of Richard Wiles or Bill Ellis. But I don't let my personal feelings against these two men who tried to ruin my life affect my posts. My feelings towards them just make me more aware, more observant and maybe just a tad bit more critical of their actions.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I just hope they don't try to use their positions in the Sheriff's Department to try to shut me up..........again. Yeah, I said again. Call me loco all you want, but I will not allow an elected official and his goons intimidate me or try to silence me with threats of incarceration. It is our right to voice our grievances against our elected officials. So if you can't handle the criticism don't run for office.


  1. Great job, but I think we are due for a factual and in depth story about Ellis. Not many know who he is, how he is associated with Wiles, what he did to help get Wiles elected, and who else he is associated with in the wild world of politics in El Paso. Could you write something about that? I think it would be an interesting piece.

  2. we all know that Ellis is Wiles 'personal' assistant. Im surprised that Wiles hasnt rainbowed up his uniform like the queer that he is. Why does he have to look all butch on TV. Hes a butch in the streets but a fem in the sheets.


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