Thursday, October 14, 2010

Silvestre Reyes Loses Endorcement

In a letter to the editor posted October 13th in the El Paso Times website, Mr. Greg Vera tells all of El Paso why Congressman Silvestre Reyes has lost his groups endorsement.
"Congressman Reyes: After repeated certified letters to your office for the past three years, you have neglected our invitation to the Vietnam Veterans of American Chapter 574 to explain your strong stand in the "desert scape" of Fort Bliss Cemetery."
"You have failed us by dishonoring those who gave their best and are entombed in your "xeriscape."
"This is one reason we are endorsing Congressman Tim Besco."
The letter goes on and directs people to visit to learn more about the issue.

This is just one example of the anti-Reyes sentiment that is going around in El Paso. If you need more examples just take a glance up when you are driving on I-10 and you will see at least two huge bill boards asking people to replace congress. Now I know that it is hard to make everyone happy, but being a Veteran myself and growing up around many Veterans, I know Veteran's issues are something that should never be ignored. This just shows us that he doesn't think enough of and ignores those who have bravely served our country. What do you think he does to those who didn't serve?

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