Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Flag-Gate Controversy; Congressman Reyes Knows Better

What the heck, I figured I would jump into this discussion. David K and Jaime Abeytia have been going back and forth on their Blogs and Facebook about Congressman Reyes' billboard that depicts an American Flag flying backwards. 

In defending the Congressman Jaime mentions his military experience and claims that the flag was printed that way to show some sort of forward motion like in the Army's uniform. David K claims that there are certain rules in advertising that govern the way an American Flag is depicted in print Advertising and that it should have never been printed that way.

If any of you know either of the two you know that they will be at it for a while because neither likes to be wrong.

David K has returned to being an antagonizer since his failed campaign for County Commissioner and Jaime is a huge Reyes supporter who will back his candidate no matter what. Good for him, but he is wrong on this one. He is such a strong supporter that he is claiming  David K is making up some fake advertising rules to prove his point.

I take David K's side on this one. It has nothing to do with party affiliation, in fact David K is in limbo on that right now since he has rejected the local Republican Party and has just recently said that the Tea Party movement is dead. I'm not sure what his next move will be. maybe I'll ask Jaime since they are so close.

If anything its more of a Marine vs. Soldier thing. Marines didn't wear backwards flags on their uniforms so I don't agree with the logic behind it.. Jaime is going to come back with "but they wore their name on their butts", referring to Marines wearing name tapes on every part of their uniform to include one on the rear right pocket of their trousers. It's an on going argument between Marines and Soldiers that will never die.
"The image is a representation of a flag, its not actually Old Glory Herself. We never took cues from ad agencies when I wore the uniform and to the best of my knowledge, neither does congress." Jaime Abeytia via Facebook
First of all, any picture, drawing or symbol of the Flag represents Old Glory and should be given the proper respect. Second Congress doesn't take cues from ad agencies but they do follow the orders of how to properly display and pay respect to the American Flag. In fact here is a picture of  Congressman Reyes properly following those orders.

I have yet to see any Congressman wear an American Flag lapel pin showing the flag going "forward". I would just cut my losses and move on if I was Jaime. Sometime you need to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. And if you ask me, the cards are stacked against Jaime and the Congressman.


  1. Let's see how long it takes Jaime to mention Tim Besco or Tim Collins on this one. We all know they had nothing to do with the whole flag SNAFU.

  2. The flag is in the right direction, it's S. Reyes who is backwards.


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