Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nosotros Los Latinos Tambien Tomamos El Te

For too long Liberals have been accusing the Tea Party of being a racist group and refusing to accept that there are members of every ethnic background in its ranks. The Tea Party Express made a stop in El Paso, Texas on October 23rd. It featured several "minority" speakers and performers.  Its pretty sad that you have to point out the "minorities" to prove to the liberals that they were actually in attendance.

One of the "minority" speakers, Lloyd Marcus, came right out and told the crowd "I'm not an African-American........I'm An American!!!!!" then performed the Tea Party Anthem that you can see here.

Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere LLC told the crowd that he wasn't a sell out because he had bought into the idea of conservatism. Mr. Jackson is the author of "The Big Black Lie" and has been seen on several media outlets "kicking liberal butt" and educating Americans throughout the country on the truth about racism and conservatism.

The event was capped of by an outstanding performance by POLATIK, a rapper who was discovered at a Tea Party event in Waco, Texas. His hip hop beats got the crowd up on their feet.
"You didn't think you would be hearing to rap music did you?"
POLATIK's performance had everyone in the crowd waving their hands up in the air because they all did care what was going on in our country. Both young and old, black, white, brown and everything in between were clapping and chanting "Tea Party" on POLATIK's cue. There was definitely a Party going on at the Tea Party Express event. And as for the claims of racism at Tea Party events, the pictures below will prove that there is no such thing at the events. With so much talk about limited government, repealing Obama care, the economy and other issues that affect our country right now, there is no time for messing with things like racism.

Several members of the El Paso LNRC were in attendance and as you can see in the pictures, it was a pretty diverse crowd. But like always, liberals will question the true ethnicity of those at the event and will find a way to minimize the participation of "minorities" in the Tea Party movement.

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