Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Senate Race Gets Dirty

Early election started on Monday so that means we are nearing the end of this election season. There hod not been too much controversy, mud slinging or cheap shots by candidates............

Until the Jose Rodriguez Campaign thought they would take off the gloves. They used Dan Chavez' ex-wife to attack him and accuse him of owing her money after going through a bad divorce. Like there is ever a good divorce.

Now the Rodriguez Campaign denies that Chavez' ex-wife was coerced by their campaign to come out with the allegations on a local news station. Yet a very good source who is close to both parties involved tell us that Chavez' ex-wife is in fact working for the Rodriguez Campaign.

Many people will agree that it's not cool when you drag people's families into a political campaign. The only intention behind it is to publicly humiliate the person being accused and put doubt in the public's mind about that candidates abilities to serve. But what people don't realize is that after the election is over there is still a family that has been affected by the smear campaign. There are still kids who were already struggling privately with the divorce of their parents but now have to share it with the whole world.

Was it right for Rodriguez to pull such a stunt? How would Rodriguez react if a member of his family was drug into the campaign?

Well it happened today at a candidate forum at the Transmountain Community College Campus.

Here is a transcript of what happened:

Question (Audience): "Mr. Rodriguez, good afternoon and thank you for visiting our campus. Mr. Rodriguez, as a public official for several years you claim that one of your issues is being ethical and being transparent."

Answer(Rodriguez): "That is correct, in my 16 (or 17) years as a County Attorney I have never received a complaint against me."

Audience: "Okay, I have a follow up question related to my previous question. Can you please go into detail as to why your son Nicholas Rodriguez was not prosecuted for felony possession of marijuana."

Rodriguez: Are you planted by the opposing party?

Audience: "No sir, I am just a concerned citizen."

Rodriguez: "This is a personal matter, all I am saying is he was found not guilty. I will not go into any more details."

I bet it didn't feel too good to hear his son's situation being brought up in public. Now I don't condone the actions of the member of the audience who asked the question, but I am glad someone put Rodriguez in his place.

I have one piece of advice for Rodriguez; treat people like you would like to be treated.

or I'll tell you what my mom used to say......

No te metas con la familia de otros y ellos no se meten con la tuya.

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