Sunday, October 24, 2010

Say No To The Zombie Campaign!

The Democrats are pushing their straight ticket campaign once again this year. It is sad to see how people still don't learn. Did they forget what happened in 2008? Have they forgotten about the lies a presidential candidate told us to get elected?

Comprehensive Immigration Reform, closing Down Guantanamo Bay, bringing our troops home? You remember all those promises, don't you?

Do you remember the federal corruption charges and nepotism charges? Do you remember the judge who was elected in 2008 thanks to straight ticket voting who is already spending time in federal prison and the other who is still fighting her charges in court?

Let's go back a little further in elections but more recent in accusations. Do you remember the Justice of the peace who plead guilty to nepotism?

How about the former County Commissioners, School Board Members and a current mayor who were all indicted in the largest public corruption case in history?

I know all these people are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, but last time I checked they weren't doing too good in the court of public opinion. And in my opinion, our elected officials should be busy serving us and not busy trying to prove themselves innocent time and time again. There are some habitual offenders in the crowd.

Liberals in El Paso blame Republicans for everything that is wrong in El Paso when in fact it is the Democrats who have ran this city for so long that they are the ones running into the dirt. Haven't you ever heard the saying "All politics are local"? If you want to make a difference locally you have to change those we elect locally.

Don't be a fool! Don't let the Liberals herd you in like sheep being led to the slaughter.

You work your butt off. Don't you think you deserve better?

Say no to the Zombie Campaign, don't let the Voodoo Priests of the DemocratIC party control you. Vote for what is best for you, vote for what is best for your family, not what the Liberals say is best for you.

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