Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keep Alex in Your Prayers

Some of you might remember that Alex is the little boy who suffers from a rare case of leukemia that wanted to meet Shakira when she came to El Paso for her concert.

His dream of meeting Shakira will have to wait. Even though Shakira is in town for two days, Alex will not be able to see his dream come true.

Alex is at Cook Children's hospital getting his bone marrow transplant today. His family asks that you all have him in your prayers.

 We may have not been able to get Alex to meet Shakira but I am asking my followers to help me out. I am asking that you send as much Shaira paraphernalia so we can make a get well basket and send it to Alex. It won't be the same as meeting Shakira but at least it will let Alex know that we here in El Paso care for his well being. If you are interested please send me an e-mail to


  1. Praying for him hoping everything goes great. A bone marrow transplant is not an easy thing, but only the brave can go through it. My husband has had 2, and as of right now he's doing great! so our message is ''there is hope'' keep fighting and have lots of faith.


  2. Alex is on day six of his transplant. I talked to his father last night and he is asking that we all keep Alex in our prayers.


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