Friday, October 29, 2010

Governor Rick Perry Sends A Message To The LNRC

Governor Rick Perry was in El Paso today at an event hosted by the El Paso Republican Party at the Community College Administration Building that drew a crowd of over 350 people. The Governor talked about the importance of getting out to vote and reminded everyone that today was the last day of early voting.

I was able to follow the Governor around as he shook hands with everyone in the crowd and as he took questions from the local media. He took a few seconds out of his busy schedule to record this message for the LNRC just before he and his staffers left.

Off camera Governor Perry told me to tell Jaime Abeytia, who has accused the Governor of lying to Latinos on his blog by posting a video that was previously recorded and posted on other mediums, that today was the last day of early voting but that Jaime could still do the right thing and vote for him on Tuesday, November 2nd.

And that's no lie!

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