Friday, February 4, 2011

Can't We All just Get Along; An Attempt To Set The Record Straight

El Paso is definitely a Democratic strong hold in Texas. That makes it very hard to be a conservative with so many Democrats attacking you and your beliefs on a daily basis. But what makes it even harder is having other conservatives question your conservatism or your motives. I have always said that their is strength in numbers and believe that if all of us conservatives could push our egos aside and work together we can actually make a difference in this county. But instead we are starting to fight amongst ourselves like the Democrats. There are some habits we could pick up from the local Dems but fighting is not what I had in mind. I was thinking more of their organization and community outreach skills.

But not everyone thinks like me. There are some people out there who feel threatened when somebody new comes into the sandbox. Instead of letting the new kid play with their bucket and shovel some decide to kick sand in the new kid's eyes. It's the whole king of the jungle thing. They feel threatened by idea of a little competition.

Is Sammy C a plant in the Republican Party?
In the last few weeks someone has decided to write about me and what they think I stand for. I find it amusing to read that I am some sort of "plant" put in by the Democratic party to take down the Republican Party or that I am the puppet of a liberal blogger. Or even better, I just read that somebody thinks that the person who posts on this blog and the person who responds to my FaceBook profile and my email are two different people. I don't know if that person has noticed but my dyslexia and terrible proof reading skills stand out on all three mediums. I am consistently bad. I can be as equally critical if not more about myself. Anyone who really knows me knows that I am my worst critic and let myself have it. I would rather hear someone tell me what I was doing wrong so I could fix it that hear that everything I'm doing is just dandy when it's not. So in a weird way, their attacks on me are actually used by me to improve what I do. So thank you for helping me improve myself.

As for the organization that we started in El Paso. It is called the LATINO NATIONAL REPUBLICAN COALITION. Most of you who read this blog know that by now but I thought I would set the record straight for he who has decided to mock the name in efforts to minimize the groups accomplishments. We may not be the best at what we do but we do alright. Click on this link so you could see some of our accomplishments.

Now my buddy Jaime Abeytia went out and said that the LNRC had made the biggest impact in its first year of existence and seems to have bothered some. There is other conservative groups who have been around for a few years who do many good things around town. They hold successful events and gather many people. I know, I went to those events. But what I think Jaime was trying to say was that the LNRC had done the most in it's first year in existence. Jaime did not say that the LNRC had done more than all the other groups. So don't get your panties in a wad.

No one is trying to take a piece of your pie. In fact we are trying to cut all of us bigger piece of that good 'ol El Paso pie. So chill out, stop with the conspiracy theories and stop questioning my friendship with Jaime Abeytia. Because now that I think about it, I bet you there are many Democrats who ask Jaime how he could continue being my friend after I bash so many of them and call them socialist.

So why are we still friends? Because there are other things in life that people can have in common and can talk about other than politics. We do have to make time time to argue about whose football team stunk more this year.

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