Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In The Spot Light

I had to use a body double to film this video due to legal reasons. He was the closest I could find on such a short notice and on a radio personality's budget. Don't worry, no nerds were harmed in the making of this video

I have been playing around on the radio waves for about six months now and was always just that nice guy with Jaime Abeytia. Any time we went to any Democrat events, even though I am a Republican, I was welcomed and normally greeted with a hug and kiss.(by the women you jerks)

I felt like the brown(and round)Dan Haggerty. You have to admit, Haggerty is the most welcomed Republican in the Democrat Party.

But now that I started blogging things have drastically changed. I'm no longer the nice funny guy always carrying Jaime's equipment.(I feel so used)

Now I am "That Blogger".

Don't get mad because I blog the truth. And don't mistaken my kindness for weakness. I might be nice and polite but don't forget, I'm a trained killer!

That just got the lawyers all riled up. Relax, I was just referring to me being a former Marine. I didn't kill people in the Marine Corps(the P & S are silent), my job was actually to keep people alive.

Everywhere I go I get asked if I am still causing problems, I even get instant messages while I am on the Internet. They are friendly inquiries but still. What kind of reputation am i making for myself in such a short time?

I can't go anywhere now without having people do a double take or follow me with their eyes, or at least with the good eye, all the way down the hall.(I was holding that one in for way too long)

Some even mutter little comments as I walk by not realizing I can read lips. Yeah, that's right. I can't hear very well thanks to the loud engines on helicopters so I have learned how to read lips. Don't believe me? There is at least one person who works in the county courthouse who can vouch for me on this one. She learned the hard way.

Now that I have revealed my secret, and the source for most of my info, it will be interesting to see how many people cover their mouths when I am in a room. You think I'm playing. Next time you see me in the courthouse notice how many people cover their mouths with manila folders. Its like watching an NFL coach calling in plays on national TV.

I just want to have my life back........

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