Monday, June 28, 2010

Double Standards

The President fires McChrystal for his dumb comments on Rolling Stone Magazine last week but yet he lets Vice President Biden walk around making a fool of himself. Where is the consistency here.

I know, as long as Vice President Biden doesn't say anything stupid that is negative about the President he has a green light to keep pulling a Biden.

Here is a video of the Vice President telling a manager of a custard shop what he thinks the intellectual level of his donkey is.

We can't forget the infamous F Bomb.

and I'll throw in a few more just for kicks.

Oh wait, this one should have gotten him fired. He makes fun of the President's broken teleprompter.

It's a scary thought, McChrystal isn't in charge of Afghanistan any more but theoretically Biden can run this country if anything happens to the President.

God Help us!!!!

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