Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rep. Norma Chavez Sends Out A Dedication

Outgoing State Representative Norma Chavez was on KHRO 1150 yesterday on the Hector H. Lopez show. For those of you who may live under a rock, Rep. Chavez lost to Representative elect Naomi Gonzalez in an all out cat fight in the valley known as District 76. The race was very close and went into a run off where Gonzalez was able to unseat the long time incumbent.

Chavez was known if not infamous for being on two specific shows on KHRO 1150. But with the departure of Paul Strelzin and her recent fall out with Jaime Abeytia you would think she would hang up her talk radio shoes. That wasn't the case as she decided to take over the Hector H. Lopez show. Maybe she is looking for a career in radio now that she has some free time starting January 1st. Why not? Barbara Perez was on the same station. Maybe she can take her old time slot since management is making so many changes.

Now I didn't catch the whole show as I was in and out of my vehicle trying to make a living. For those who are wondering, yes I can hear AM stations in my vehicle now. But I did get to hear her talk about "a radio host". She didn't mention any names but she did say he was on in the morning and that he should check his facts before he talks about her. Now KHRO 1150 is a Talk Radio station. Music is not normally heard but on this day Norma Chavez played this song and only dedicated it to "you know who you are". You have to love the politics involved with talk radio!

But to be honest, I would like to see these two kiss and make up. How can they go from 60 to zero in less than 3.2 seconds? It just doesn't make any sense.

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