Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Already Wednesday......

I was notified that a faithful reader, who I can't really consider a fan, decided to critique my post on El Paso being named the safest city on another blog. The Strezlin forum to be exact. I think that's great. You can find it under "El Paso Conservative Writers Overwhelm". We should all be able to engage in constructive conversation without resorting to name calling. Unfortunately that didn't happen. He made a pretty big deal about me saying that El Paso was on the safest cities list along with Philadelphia and Washington DC. Now they were on the same list, considering there are only 34 "big cities" on CQ Press' list, but they were not on the top ten as I may have led people to believe. My mistake, I take the hit for that.

But what he didn't question or critique was my comments on the actions against Police Chief Greg Allen. I went on the record and said that I believed that Sheriff Richard Wiles and the powers that be were trying to make Allen seem like he was an incompetent leader due to all the allegations his officers are racking up and ending up on the 10 o'clock news. They figure all the bad press would make people believe that consolidating the county and city law enforcement agencies would save money, solve the discipline problem and most importantly help Wiles become the supreme law enforcement agent in El Paso County like he has planned to be since his run for sheriff back in 2008. Those are some pretty bold allegations if you ask me yet the person did not even make  a slight remark about them. Why didn't he? Wiles has two years before he is up for re-election and I can see him being strategic in his every move. Wiles is the type of person that will bring somebody down to help himself rise. But I'll tell you what. I will be as relentless as his goons have been on me for the last three years. The tables are turned and the truth will come out. It is time that somebody takes out the "mighty" Richard Wiles. The media wanted nothing to do with this story, so I guess it's just me against Goliath. LET'S DO THIS!

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