Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bush Era Tax Cuts

Lets just clear something up real quick about these "tax cuts". First of all no one is getting a tax cut. By extending the Bush Era Tax Cuts neither the middle class or "the rich" will get tax cuts. They are just not going to have their taxes raised. So nobody will have more or less money in their pockets at the end of the tax year. Everything will stay the same. It is just amazing to hear those on the left get mad because they say "the rich" will be getting a tax cut.

Liberals being Liberals 

What bothers me is to hear liberals say things like "I could give a damn if the rich get a tax break" or  "all we care about is the middle class" on different media outlets. Now lets turn the tables around. What do you think would happen if someone who was considered to be a part of "the rich" went on FOX News and said "I could give a damn if the middle class gets a tax break" or "all we care about are those who make $250K or more a year"? The liberals would blow a fuse, start calling people dirty names, organize a protest and have fifty people in front of cameras shedding a tear as they tell their sob story.

What happened to equality? Does the equality card only kick in when the upper class has the upper hand on the middle or lower class? I thought equality meant equal, for all and not just for certain groups.

Democrats are upset that the President compromised with Republicans and extended the Bush Era Tax Breaks for one year. Republicans didn't get anything more for "the rich". All Republicans did was fight to keep things the way they were for everyone. Can you imagine what would happen if they acted like the Democrats and tried to keep the Bush Era Tax Cuts from being extended to the middle class and extended only for those who made $250k or more?

That's the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats only want what is best for a certain group when Republicans want what is best for everyone.

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