Monday, November 29, 2010

The President Gets A Subtle Hint From The Hispanic Caucus

The President received twelve stitches on his lip on Friday after receiving an elbow to the face during a game of five on five basketball. He was giving a clean bill of health by the doctor but as you can see in this picture the injury did keep the President from participating in the traditional delivery of the White House Christmas tree. He watched from a window with an ice pack on his lip as his wife and daughters received the Christmas tree that was delivered by a horse drawn carriage.

The person who landed the elbow on the presidential face was identified as Rey Decerega, the director of programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. Even though the elbow was played off as and both the President and Decerega said they are looking forward to playing again, you can't stop and wonder. Does the elbow to the face represent the frustration of Hispanics due to the President's broken promises of addressing Comprehensive Immigration Reform? Should the President take these little hints a bit more seriously? Maybe now he will realize that Hispanics don't like to be lied to.

There were plenty of headlines about this story but my wife said it best:
"Le partieron la ?#@*&% (mother) a Obama!"   


  1. This is great, I laughed. But it's very true, we are upset at the lack of CIR or DREAM Act. I am a Republican and I am a DREAMer and I want to be a USMC Officer.

  2. I understand where frustration could mount to such a degree, but that sort of hostility isn't necessary. The manifest of statements like this is alarming because this breeds more hostile terms toward the person I know has good intent to actually do something about things. Also, he can promise until rapture, but it's ultimately congress, states, and people who decide what goes on with these affairs. Usually (definitely not in your case) the people who complain the most don't put out to have their voices heard though, and that in turn leads to poor legislation. I can't believe Obama folded with everyone in Congress when ratifying and creating the new healthcare bill.

    Keep on keeping on.

  3. This is funny. But I'm pretty sure Obama and the democrats are not the ones blocking the DREAM Act and most immigration legislation....


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