Thursday, November 18, 2010

El Paso LNRC Files FCC Complaint

The El Paso LNRC has filed a complaint with the FCC against Univision radio station KAMA 750 as of this morning. The El Paso LNRC complains that during the last election Teresa Fendi De La Cruz, host of Las Comadres heard M-F form 6-10am on KAMA 750 AM, continually attacked the Republican Party to her Spanish speaking audience and ignored request for an interview on air to respond to her remarks about the Republican Party being anti-Hispanic and not having a local Hispanic voice. They also complain that after several request for an interview they were then told that they would have to purchase air time for the interview. The LNRC requested to see an invoice that stated the amount that was paid by Border Network of Human Rights, a 501(c)(3), who had been on the program also bashing the Republican Party just days before the election. None was provided. Teresa then told the LNRC through an account executive, that there had been a misunderstanding and that she was very much interested in having the LNRC on her program but that it had to be after the elections. No interview has been done to date.

The El Paso LNRC does not ask that they get equal results, they only ask to be given an equal opportunity. The El Paso LNRC  will wait on the findings by the FCC before taking any further action.


  1. Thank you LNRC for having the balls to fight these people who have a political agenda in mind: freedom of speech for a select few.

  2. republicans are doing all they can to resist reinstatement of the Fairness doctrine or any other form of Federal control over broadcast content. We should not encourage anyone to request Federal action to force a broadcaster to air anything.
    Bob Ward, austin


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