Saturday, November 13, 2010

Local Spanish Language Radio Station Can't Handle The Truth

During the last election Spanish Language radio personality Teresa who is on the morning show "Las Comadres" took it upon herself to bash the Republican Party on a daily bases leading up to election day. But she didn't just do it on her own. She had help from Fernando Garcia, the Executive Director of Border Network For Human Rights. You know, that nonprofit  501(3)(c) organization. They told the audience that the Republican Party was anti-Hispanic and anti-Latino claiming there was no Hispanic voice in the party. Several members of the El Paso LNRC tried calling in to the show but were not given the opportunity to go on air.

The El Paso LNRC requested an on air interview so they could talk about Hispanics in the local Republican Party and how crucial they were to the party. They were just asking for an equal opportunity, not equal results. The request was not answered for about a week. The election was only a few days away and the timing was very important. The LNRC had purchased air time on three Spanish language radio stations to urge Latinos to go out and vote, KAMA 750 was one of them. The LNRC spoke to the account executive who handled the media buy and asked for her help. The account executive spoke to the host then came back with what we thought was a joke.

The account executive asked if we would consider purchasing the air time? She said that they normally sold the air time during the show and then offered to get the LNRC a quote. We said, sure. We told her we were aware that BNHR was on the "Las Comadres" program and if she would show us the invoice that stated how much BNHR had paid for their air time then we would be happy to pay the exact amount. The account executive called us back and told us that there was a misunderstanding. She told us that the host was really interested in having us on her show............but it would have to be after the elections. How convenient.

Teresa talked bad about the Republican Party not expecting anybody to be able to come out and speak in Spanish against her. She had an unfair advantage in the past because there were not many Spanish speaking Republicans who would step up to the plate. But things have changed in El Paso thanks to the LNRC. We have members who are fluent in Spanish who can take on liberal Spanish speaking radio host who like to mislead people. We also have members who were born and raised in Mexico and in other countries who migrated both legally and illegally to the U.S. who can speak on behalf of other immigrants and open their eyes to the truth. Spanish speakers have heard the same gospel for many years that they started believing the rhetoric. Radio hosts like Teresa have to realize that times have changed. Their monopoly of the airwaves no longer exists. Hosts like her can run but they can't hide from the truth. The Spanish speaking Republican is here, there and everywhere. We are tired of being misled and being taken for granted. We will go out and bring out the truth. We were promised changed. We are the real change!

I asked an expert for some advice on this matter. I wanted to know what could be done about it. I expected to have to sit down and hear a long speech. But instead I was only given three letters.



  1. What good are double standards if they are not enforced...

    I cannot help but think of asses working in the farmers field with their vision restricted by blinders. Come to think of it isn't the ass the symbol for democrats??????

    THings that make you go 'Hmmmmm"

  2. On a more serious note... I tend to be like all of the other posters and post snide remarks. Unfortunately I can not receive radio signals in the building where I work. Too much steel it seems. So I am unable to listen in on these different radio personalities.

    Pretty much the sole source of my information comes through online reading of news and the various local bloggers who seem to put their spin on everything. Unfortunately this spin seems to follow party lines.

    The actions of those you discuss in today's blog just seem to show their colors in their support in what they believe is good for their political party instead of for the good of the community/state/country.

    Where is SGT Monday who states "Just the facts."?

  3. Andre, its Sgt. Joe FRIDAY.

    Sammy, you should know that the Democratic republic of El Paso will always be run by idiots like Teresa and Fernando Garcia. That so-called station you're on "Radio Free El Paso" is hardly that.

    The folks that run Entrevision are very hateful toward the GOP. Look at who they have on there -the "Strelz", and fellow muck-raker Jaime Abetiya. Those two are the biggest shills for Danny Achondo and the Dems.

    What you should do is pool your money together and take over a station and fill it with local conservative voices.

    Oh, that's right...there aren't any here.


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