Monday, November 1, 2010

Bill Ellis Lobbying On County Time And Your Paying For It.

Bill Ellis, the El Paso County Sheriff' Department's Executive Administrative Officer, was on KHRO 1150 AM today lobbying against the controversial city referendum that is on the ballot this election. The referendum  endorses family values and sets limits on who gets health benefits. The controversy stems from the word "only" that has some retirees worried about loosing their benefits.

Now Ellis did not go on the radio and say that he worked for the Sheriff's Department or that the Department endorsed his actions, but he did do it on what one would assume was County time. He was on roughly from 11:30Am-12:00PM today. I called the Sheriff Department's Human Resources Department  to see if he was at work today. The people who answered where more than happy to help me with my inquiry until they heard the name of the person I was inquiring about.

Once I would say the name "Bill Ellis" I would get transferred to another number that was only answered by a voice mail service. I would try calling back the last person and their answering system would pick up. That's very interesting. But it's not surprising.  I can almost assure you I'm going to get some B.S. answer like he was at lunch when he did it. But if my memory serves me right, he is a salary employee so theoretically he doesn't get an actual hour without pay to eat lunch so even if he is eating or at lunch he is being paid and represents the county of El Paso. Or at least thats what I believe is true.

Its not the first time he does it. A few weeks ago Ellis decided to stand up at the end of a debate hosted by the League Of Women Voters and lobby against the referendum.....while wearing a polo shirt that had his name and title on it. County employees are not allowed to be doing any type of political activities while on the clock or in uniform. Ellis has done both. Yet nothing is done.

Why can he break the rules?

Now Ellis said something on the air today that I actually agree with. He said:
"It's only the right thing to do"
The right thing to do is not to be taking part in ANY political activities while you are supposed to be at work. Why are the tax payers paying you to be a lobbyist? Why are we paying you in the first place? A few weeks ago we had the whole budget cut fiasco between the County Commissioners and the Sheriff's Association. Your position was brought up. We could have saved the County a quite a bit of money by getting rid of your unmandated position.

What was the justification for your position as Richard Wiles' personal on staff lawyer?

Sheriff Leo Samaniego had one. So what? It was unmandated then like it is now, the difference is  they weren't in a budget shortfall like we are now. So if your boss, Richard Wiles, is so interested in saving the county money like he claims, then he would get rid of you and your agendas and use the County Attorney like every other County employee does. You guys always talk about consolidation, consolidate legal representation.

Another thing, don't go around lobbying against this referendum without telling people why you are against it. I was taught to stand up for what I believed in and if you believe that gays should have health benefits then fight that battle. You and Richard Wiles lie to everyone telling them you are worried about the children and retirees when everyone should now truth. This referendum is not about kids or retirees, this is about both of your lifestyles. Oh, shut up, this is old news don't look surprised.

I can hear it now. Sammy pulled a Norma Chavez, or a Lisa D. Think again. This has nothing to do with with people's choice of lifestyle. This has to do with standing up to a misleading elected official and his cronies who use their positions of power to push their agendas.

If you don't remember our Sheriff is an elected official. Richard Wiles actually paid for the bill boards that tell people to vote against the referendum. Do you think it's right that our Sheriff and his on staff personal lawyer whose position is questionable should be taking part in these types of activities? Are our taxes paying these men to to lobby for their lifestyle? Someone needs to answer that question.

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  1. Sammy, what you are talking about...these are called 'double standards'. And we all know that double standards are no good unless they are enforced.


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