Saturday, November 13, 2010

Guest Post: Critique of Ouisa Davis

By Rick E. Ybarra

Here is the latest installment of Ouisa's taxpayer-funded (she's an El Paso County employee) crusade against Republicans.

Come on, you guys, it's up to all of you to put a stop to this.  You guys are the El Paso County taxpayers that pay Ouisa's salary.  Yet, she continues to use the EP Times as her pulpit with which to argue for higher taxes, more government and fewer conservative policies. In this article, she blames NAFTA and welfare reform on the GOP of the 1990s, when in fact,those were two pieces of legislation that were made law by the stroke of President Bill Clinton's pen.    

Ouisa says that this was an "ugly, hate-filled campaign season."    I have to assume that Ouisa is largely referring to the Tea Party since she certainly won't highlight the actions of SEIU (and other union) thugs that berate and beat political opponents (i.e. conservatives). Ouisa says that social progressives "won't crawl back in to bed." She's right about that; they will always be there agitating for their "progressive" agenda.It's time to put Ouisa's column to bed so contact Dan Haggerty and the rest of the County Commissioners and put an end to this.  Remember, the
Commissioners and Ouisa work for you; it's not the other way around. Also, contact the EP Times and voice your complaint but don't stop there. Complain loudly to the EP Times advertisers and, in short order, Ouisa's column will be history.  

About the writer:

Rick E. Ybarra is a former El Pasoan who was raised in Anthony who now lives in Austin. He still has friends and family who live in the El Paso area. Rick's love for his hometown and his desire to make it a better place to live is very admirable. He reads every website and watches every newscast having to do with El Paso. He honestly keeps himself more updated on what goes on in El Paso than most people who actually live here do.

About Ouisa Davis:

Ouisa Davis is the Chief-Friend of Court Division in the County of El Paso's Domestic Relations Office and is a  licensed attorney with the State Bar of Texas. She also writes a column for the El Paso Times where each column is closed with:
"Ouisa D. Davis is an attorney at law in El Paso. E-mail:"

Rick brings up a very good question. Should a county employee be writing for the El Paso Times stating her very partisan beliefs? Or should she be doing the job that she is being paid for? But then again she works in a department that is  not mandated. The county is in a budget shortfall, maybe we should get rid of this department that way she could write all the columns she wants without having to hear tax payers complain and the county can get closer on balancing their budget. Hey, thats sounds like a win-win situation. Who said no good ideas ever come out of this blog.

OK, put your hands down, it was a rhetorical question!

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  1. Nobody (and I mean NOBODY) ever accused dems of having their facts straight!


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