Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Democrats In Texas Trying Anything For A Vote

Is it me or are Democrats trying to sound conservative to try to get Republicans to vote for them?

Joe Moody who is running for Representative of District 78 used the words "Secure The Border" in one of his ads while Bill White who is running for Governor ends his latest ad by calling himself a "fiscal conservative". Is that enough to get Republicans to ditch their principles and cross over to the DemocratIC side? I think not. I think its the Democrats way of grabbing at straws.

Many people across the country are tired of waiting for the change that was promised by our current President. His low approval rating and people's discontent with Congress seem to be bogging down the efforts of those running on the Democrat ticket.

Many rode the wave in with the Obama Tsunami in 2008. They are now noticing that the water is retreating and that the same storm that brought many of them in will be taking them right back out to sea. Freshman of The Year Award winners will be one hit wonders soon.

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