Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is It Me Or Does The El Paso Sky Have A Slight Purple Haze To It Today?

Last night was a great night for Republicans across the country and was a pretty good evening for the El Paso Republican Party as well. Republicans may have not been able to turn El Paso red but there was a slight purple haze in the sky today.
Republicans were able to take back the seat in District 78 by beating a Freshman of The Year award winner, defeated a 22 year incumbent who sat on the School Board of Education and took out a temper tantrum throwing Congressman in District 23. They were also able to retain  the seats for County Commissioner #4 and Justice of the Peace #7.

It literally was only a handful of wins but they were wins the Democrats would have liked to have had. Congratulations to Dee Margo, Charlie Garza, Quico Canseco, Dan Haggerty and Bruce King for their well deserved wins. Their wins will literally start moving El Paso in the right direction.

I want to take this time to congratulate all the Republicans who had their name on the ballot yesterday. We admire you and your families for putting everything on the line to try to make a difference. Your hard work may have not earned you a position  in office but it has earned our respect. The El Paso Republican Party is heading in the right direction and you were an essential part in making it happen.

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