Monday, November 1, 2010

Sheriff's Department Returns My Call

So I get a call back from the Sheriff's Department. I asked the lady who returned my call if Bill Ellis was at work today.

 She talked to someone in HR, told me that he was at work today but also said that he was on his on time. Thats funny because I had never asked her about where or what Mr. Ellis was doing on or off any time. I had actually left her a voice mail earlier inquiring about an employee, but never mentioned the employees name.

I could tell Ellis and his people had gotten wind of my accusations just by the way they answers a question I had not asked yet.

When I continued and asked if he was a salary or hourly employee the lady asked if she could transfer me to HR person she had been talking to. I said sure no problem.

And guess what happened........I got transfered to another voice mail. I think I should take this to the county attorney's office. You know, the office that should be representing the Sheriff and all of his department. Maybe she can answer my questions.

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