Monday, November 1, 2010

Susana Martinez Runs On Track Record Not Race Or Gender

Susana Martinez is running for Governor of New Mexico against Democrat Dian Denish. 

She could very well be on her way to being the nations first Latina Governor. Yet in an interview with the local NBC affiliate in El Paso, Martinez told the reporter that she did not want people to vote for her because she was a women or Hispanic. She wanted them to vote for her because of her track record.

That is very admirable on her part. She would rather win or loose on her track record than to win by playing the race or gender card. That tells you that she is speaking from her heart and wants to represent her constituents. She wants to earn what she gets and not get something handed to her just because she is a female or a minority.  That is the true conservative way.

I know I don't live in New Mexico but I urge all New Mexicans to go out and vote for Susana Martinez!

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