Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dee Margo Has More Than A Dimple In Common

Yesterday I helped the Dee Margo Campaign do some phone banking. Our group of volunteers was able to make over one thousand phone calls in just two hours. Thats a lot of calls. At the end of the two hours Dee thanked everyone of the volunteers who gave up their Monday evening to help him get elected.

He looked tired yet determined. You could tell he had been at the office all day and probably had a couple more hours before he went home. But he took a few minutes to talk to me like he always does. I walked into his office, remember he is the CEO of JDW Insurance. How many people can say that they walked in to the office of a CEO and just started talking.

Like many of you know I take my four year old everywhere I go. He has been to more political events and taken pictures with more political figures than most grown ups will ever have the opportunity to in their lifetime.

In fact he was just elected as the chairman of the LLNRC. (Little Latino National Republican Coalition)

Dee picked Ian up and pointed out that they both had a dimple.

Everyone aaawed at the cute similarity. But then I realized, Dee and Ian had a whole lot more in common than just a dimple.

Many of you might not know but Ian is my step son. His biological father is Anglo born and raised in El Paso and his mother is from the small town of Apatzingan in the state of Michoacan, Mexico.

Looking at Ian you see a little gringo with spiky hair. You would never think that he understood the Spanish language or that he was Hispanic. In fact most of his teachers don't either. They speak to him in English and so do all of his friends because he is the guerito, the little white boy for those who don't speak Spanish.

Ian doesn't go around telling everyone that he is Hispanic or Latino. He is a four year old with a big heart who just wants to play with everybody no matter what their skin color is or what language they speak. He is a good little boy who shares his toys with everyone and is always trying to make new friends.

But when Ian does say something in Spanish on the playground, the kids look at him and laugh. They tell him that a little guerito like him shouldn't be speaking Spanish. They start calling him names in Spanish and run away leaving him feeling lonely and confused. But what happens the next time those kids come around knocking at the door? Ian goes outside and lends them his toys and even shares his candy with them. He doesn't hold any grudges. He treats them like he would like them to treat him.

Kids can be very cruel, but so can adults. One day I hope Ian can grow up to be the CEO of a company and maybe even run for some sort of office. I just hope that people will judge him by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin.

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