Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trouble In Tunisia

Many of us have been following or have at least seen some coverage of the unrest in Tunisia.  We always here what the media, experts or government officials have to say. But we really haven't heard how the troubles affect the youth. That is until now. Mohamed Hedi Selmi tells us first hand what he and his family are going through in Tunisia.

Mohamed Hedi Selmi

Hi my name is Mohamed Hedi Selmi I am 18 years old From Kairouan Tunisia.  I would like to speak about my country at this time .

These days my people are so angry about the system because we have endured 23 years of injustice, violence and many other bad things. In Tunisia we study for 17 years that includes the university. When we are done and want  a job they tell us to wait our turn.  Some people wait up to 10 years and don't get anything at all. They tell us that we have to pay so we can get a job. They tell us that this job is worth $5000 and that another is $3000. Every job has a price.  

There is a lot of violence here but they don't care. All they care  about is money and power.  They don't care if they have to hurt or kill to get it.  From my perspective these days are the most difficult days. The cops don't care about us they just kill peoples without reason. Their snipers just kill and run. We think these killers work for the President.

My hommies and I don't sleep much because we are awake at night guarding our hoods watching for killers in cars until the early morning. The Army tries to help us but it is not sufficient. Most of the Army is in the capital of Tunis. We only have a few soldiers here. But I do want to say thanks to the Tunisian Army for their help.

My family is afraid and worries about us because we have to protect our hoods since the Army is not enough. We are always under the cops and killer's guns. We are waiting for the new system and the elections. We hope the new system will come with good rules and new laws. We hate BEN ALI and his family. They took all the Tunisian wealth and fortune. They stole everything, they killed people and caused violence in the streets. 

We hope we will cross this difficult stage soon and take both our freedom and our money back! I hope I can report better news to you as soon as possible.

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