Thursday, January 27, 2011

Parents Need To Punish Their Kids

I saw a very interesting story tonight on KFOX. It dealt with high school students, drugs, an abandoned house, an assistant principal and couple angry parents. Most of you are thinking, the parents should be upset. Unfortunately they are upset at the assistant principal. According to the story, a neighbor called saying there were teenagers hanging out in an abandoned house during school hours. The next day an assistant principal decides to go to the house and catch the Austin High School students in the act. Sure enough the kids showed up again. The assistant principal entered the abandoned home and took pictures of the students and of drug paraphernalia.

One of the students told her mom she felt violated while another parent said the assistant principal should have never let the kids into the house in the first place. Really? It's the assistant principal's fault that your kids are ditching school, entering private property and using drugs. I think not. If the assistant principal did not allow the kids to enter they would have said he didn't have any proof to accuse them of anything and complained to their parents. Now he has enough proof to show their parents and  the parents are complaining about his actions. Parents please! Kids now a days get away with murder because parents like you defend your kids without knowing the facts. These kids know that so they do whatever they want knowing you will make a fool of yourselves defending them no matter what.

Those students got busted red handed and they should take their punishment and move on. But I can see it now. Some slimy lawyer will come to their aid and convince them that their rights were violated and will try to sue the assistant principal, the school district, the owner of the abandoned home and me for writing this piece. It's pretty sad when people are suing for just about any reason now. I can see it playing out like this. They will sue for millions of dollars and claim that their kids were so emotionally and physically affected by the cruel actions of the assistant principle that their kids will no longer be able to get a quality education and require many hours of therapy and also require compensation for future wages lost since their education will be inadequate to get the job they could have landed if this event had not happened. i may have exaggerated a bit but I bet we here something along those lines in the news in the next couple days.

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