Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Charlie Garza Will Take On Eliot Shapleigh

Recently elected Republican Charlie Garza will not be waiting very long before he stirs up some controversy. People within his camp tell me that Charlie Garza will publicly challenge former Senator Eliot Shapleigh on his accusations against Bowie High School and the EPISD shortly after taking his oath as the newest member of the Texas School Board of Education. The Garza camp claims to have two separate reports by the TEA that show their findings after a thorough investigation into the matter. What's the catch? Shapleigh received both reports and still, with thefindings in hand, went on his publicity stunt on television.

Most people are probably asking why is Shapleigh going through all of this? Someone from the outside looking in would say that he is doing it for "La Gente". But some on the inside tell me it is for other reasons. (I was talking to someone inside a building so technically I can say I spoke to an insider.) Rumor says that Shapleigh is going all out against the EPISD because the district did not hire someone he had recommended for an administrator's position in the district.

What? All this because his "friend" wasn't GIVEN the job in a highly competitive market? Is he not paying attention to the public corruption scandals? Looks like it's a bad case of "GOD" complex if you ask me  now he wants the EPISD to feel the wrath of Shapleigh. Now like I said before, this was information given to me by an "insider", for what ever that is worth.

I wonder how Shapleigh will react to the public display of these reports? Will he admit that he was wrong? Or will he keep arguing even if though he is wrong like the lawyer that he is?


Rumor says Shapleigh will be given a new award that will be named in his honor. The "Falta" award will be given to those who work so hard to show the lack of testicular fortitude to admit they are wrong. To those who lack integrity and honor. To those who lack the courage to do the right thing and to those who are not committed to serving the people. It will be the first award of its kind. But I have been told that the nominations committee has many names waiting for the award.

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