Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Ruckus About Cesar Chavez Holiday

A lot of noise has been made lately about UTEP(University of Texas at El Paso) choosing not to give students and faculty the day off for the optional Cesar Chavez Holiday. The state allows the University to observe 12 holidays throughout the year. They have chosen to eliminate Cesar Chavez' birthday this year. Some have called it racist and anti-immigrant. But I disagree.

Most of our kids don't even know what holidays really mean or why they are off of school and adults are just glad they don't have to go to work. They don't understand the true meaning of any holiday and just use the day off to get drunk, take a trip or just sleep in late. Is that anyway to commemorate the legacy of any person who had a day set aside for them? NO!

If people at and around UTEP really want to commemorate the work and accomplishments of Cesar Chavez then they can do it on campus on his birthday. There is no better venue for an event like this? They have the whole campus to set up booths, put up pictures of Chavez and even have a march down University to educate other students on the life and accomplishments of Cesar Chavez. You will have a pretty big crowd observing everything since everyone will be in school. Now, not everyone might agree with it but when can you get everyone to agree on anything now a days? Do you think students would do anything like this on their day off? OK maybe a hand full hard core Chicano Studies majors wearing red t-shirts and barets with their fist in the air  might. But a hand full of people is not very commemorative. I think we need to educate the youth more and doing it on a school day is the perfect time and place to do it and most importantly a perfect way of showing respect to Cesar Chavez. So long story short. Take what you thought was a negative and make it into a positive and stop pulling the race card.

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