Monday, January 24, 2011

Manny Hinojosa Crosses Joyce Wilson At Meeting

City Manager Joyce Wilson spoke in front of the Greater El Paso Republican Women's group a little over on January 15th. About 100 people heard Wilson go on and on and on about what she has done for the City of El Paso. She even had a 15 page color printout of all the accomplishments. The crowd of older people followed along for about the first 5 pages then started nodding off but still gave her a round of applause when she was done.

Wilson took some questions after her lecture. That's when Manny Hinojosa who is a candidate for City Council District 1 decided to stand up and shake things up.  Manny is known for going to City Council meetings and voicing his concern about the way City Council spends money. He didn't disappoint at this meeting. He thanked Wilson for all that she had done. But he said that all he heard when she was talking, besides the snores, was "Ch-ching cha-ching". He said all her accomplishments may sound nice but they cost the tax payer a lot of money. Hinojosa said he would like it if the taxpayer had more say in how tax payer money was used.

The crowd woke up and started to applaud. Wilson gave Hinojosa one of those evil looks you get when you make your parents look bad in public and said that public meetings were held for many of the projects but that not many people attended.

Hinojosa might have got a good one in with Wilson in public but he fails to realize that Wilson will now have his number. Wilson doesn't like to be publicly humiliated. But then who does. The difference is that she can do something about it. Wilson has been known to have ruined people's chances of being elected when she is crossed. Just ask Rachel Quintana.


  1. Interesting final couple of statements. Can you substantiate them? Exactly when and how has Wilson reuined people's chances of being elected?

    Wilson certainly didn't help Quintana get her ticket on Southwest Airlines and I am not aware of another instance where someone who has crossed Wilson wasn't re-elected because of the City Manager, but if you are, please enlighten me.

  2. Jim Suerken was Joyce Wilson's choice for Quintana's City Council seat back in June of 2007. Wilson put all her money on one horse. Unfortunately he came in second to Quintana in the run off. Wilson has used her influences in the city and county to make Quintana's life hell. From her very public arrest just after a few months of winning the election to her court hearings that are drug out and always come up at inconvenient times. Like during an election. I like many people think that Quintana could have handled the situation better but Wilson has gone out of her way to make Quintana pay for her discretions. Wilson is a very powerful and vengeful woman. My accusations might seem far fetched but you and I know that there is always a political machine behind you or against you. The Wilson machine has gone full force to get rid of Quintana without leaving a finger print. Oh so they think.


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