Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Le Faltan Ganas! A Shot Across The Bow Directed At Shapleigh

Newly elected School Board of Education member Charlie Garza was sworn in yesterday at the El Paso Independent School District board room that was full of spectators. It wasn't your traditional swearing in ceremony. You had Greg Freyermuth as the M.C. He always brings his wit and humor to every event, you had a high school quior, two high school trumpeters, a high school ROTC color guard, your typical politician acceptance speech, a bible, a judge an oath and a shot across the bow.

Yup. Charlie Garza took time during his ceremony to put former Senator Eliot Shapleigh on the spot with a shot that should have been heard on every News channel at 10 PM. Too bad the English television stations didn't show up.
"I wish to offer Dr. Garcia, the Board of Trustees, the faculty, staff and students an apology that should have come from the former Senator and would ask the members of the media to ask him why he has not had the “Ganas” to do what right in light of the compelling documentation from the Inspector General."  
Univision Canal 26, El Diario and the El Paso Times along with several dignitaries to include the whole EPISD School Board witnessed Charlie Garza calling out the former Senator for not telling the public that he had received two letters dated September 20, 2010 and October 8, 2010 from the Texas Education Agency with their findings on the investigation that should have put his allegations to rest. Garza received a standing ovation and some chuckles for his words that mocked Shapleigh's famous "Adelante Con Ganas" award.

Garza also read a letter he wrote to the US Department of Education Office of Inspector General where he stated that Shapleigh's allegations were putting a "black cloud" over the advancement of teachers and students in the EPISD. He also offered to assist in anyway possible with the audit of EPISD and Bowie High School as he feels confident that the federal investigation will once again show that the allegations were unfounded. I personally think this is just Eliot Shapleigh trying to flex his muscles, or former muscles really.

It doesn't take a genius to see that Charlie Garza has made some new allies at the El Paso Independent School District. That's a good start if you ask me. We have to remember that it's been at least 23 years since a School Board of Education member has had any sort of presence in El Paso. Now we will  just have to wait and see how the former Senator reacts to Garza's not so kind words. I have a feeling this little squabble is going to get pretty interesting. But by the looks of it Charlie Garza is going to have some back up. So stay tuned for more developments as I will make sure I follow this one closely.

We have each others back!

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  1. In light of the recent developments in the news about the admission of the principal and other administrators in the appears that the former Senator was right. Isn't it ironic that everyone kept saying that the former Senator was just blowing smoke when in fact, he was correct? Maybe an apology is in order to the former Senator from all those that said he was wrong when in fact, he was right.


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