Friday, January 14, 2011

The Rhetoric on Rhetoric

How many of you remember watching or have heard of Pee-Wee's Playhouse? It was a children's television show that ran in the 80's that featured actor Paul Reubens. They had this little game where everyone would scream and yell at the top of there lungs and do a crazy little dance when the designated word of the day was used by anyone on the show. It seems that rhetoric has become the word of the day for the last week or so thanks to all the media coverage. You here it on all the political talk shows, day time talk shows, talk radio and I'm pretty sure even Elmo used it on Sesame Street this week along with the letters F and U.

The word is being thrown around by those on the left to demonize the other side's dialogue when rhetoric is simply  the art of using language to communicate effectively and persuasively. The meaning of rhetoric has been misconstrued so much by these political pundits that people now believe that rhetoric is a political four letter word and is used by the right to excite and cause people to do evil things. Those on the left are going out of there way and will do anything to make people believe that. The funny thing is that they are defining the word by trying to change the definition of the word. Go figure.

I just don't see how a word can be negatively associated with a certain political group when the act is committed by everyone on a daily basis. But then again I am a salesman and that is part of my job description.

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  1. Sammy,
    In some odd way, that goofball Sheriff from Pima County is right. There has been too much "rhetoric" - FROM BOTH SIDES.

    There have been too many talking heads from both "sides of the aisle" bloviating on this tragic event - and just about any other political story.

    Sure, scintillating stories sells. The problem arises when these so-called "experts" interject their kernels of misinformation. There was no connection between the Tea Party movement and the shooter in Tuscon. There was no connection between him and right-wing militiamen either.

    If we learned anything during the aftermath of these murders is that county sheriffs should keep their mouth shut when the crime takes place in their jurisdiction.

    Another lesson for all of us is that you and I have a brain. SO LET'S START USING THEM! Don't let yourself be a sheep and be led by the rancor and barking of commentators, opinion makers, and talking heads on cable news channels. Turn off CNN and FOX, put down the "news magazines", and don't read the editorial pages. Your health and your sanity will improve. I guarantee it.


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