Monday, January 31, 2011

Here I Come To Save The Daaaaaay!

Press Secretary Vince Perez
I wrote a piece this weekend about the fact that there has been more murders in El Paso just this month than all of last year. In that piece I asked if Congressman Reyes was still going wear his Safest City in The US cape or send it to the cleaners until all this blew over. Well my question was answered tonight. The Congressman sent his Press Secretary Vince Perez wearing the whole Safest City in The US costume to do an interview on ABC 7 Extra.

The topic of tonights show was immigration enforcement. Vince Perez said that having local law enforcement agents enforce immigration law would be detrimental to El Paso's "Safest City" status. Earth to Perez! Did you not read my last piece. Let me refresh your memory. We have more murders and more traffic fatalities in January than we did in all of 2010. Stop telling people we are the safest city. And take off that silly costume, the socks didn't do what you expected them to do.

Darren Hunt had Vince Perez, Commander Gomencindo Lopez of the El Paso Sheriff's Department and local political blogger and my biggest fan David Karlswel.......Karlherher..........Karlshaha.....oh heck he had David K on as well. David K said he was in agreement with Governor Rick Perry's decision to give immigration enforcement an emergency status so the legislature can address it sooner.

The interview was in typical El Paso fashion. Ithad more liberals than conservatives. It was bad enough that David K was outnumbered in the studio 2-1, but then they played a video of Fernando Garcia of the Border Network of Certain Human Rights(BNHR) over dramatizing the situation (like he always does) and say that this would be worse than the law in Arizona. Perez was smart enough to come back and set the record straight by saying that Governor Perry was only proposing to give law enforcement agents the discretion to ask for legal status and not making it mandatory. Somebody go tell Fernando to read this issue since he didn't even read the Arizona law before he went on camera the last go around either. The three used fear and exaggerations to try get there point across while K kept his composure and used common sense to argue his side. I mention composure because Perez looked like he was loosing his just a little towards the end. Maybe it was because he figured if he kept mentioning that El Paso was the "Safest City" people would just agree with him and forget about reality or maybe it was the tights that were riding up on him. Either way I don't think I have ever seen Perez look flustered on TV.

Perez and Lopez alluded to say that Governor Perry's actions were simply political. But I guess having Senator Jose Rodriguez, Mayor John Cook, County Judge Veronica Escobar and my favorite person in the whole world Sheriff Richard Wiles practically cry on television was recreational. I really can't understand it. Laws are laws and law enforcement should enforce them. That is what enforcement means.

My real problem with the way liberals handle immigration issues is that they always find a way to keep these people in hiding instead of finding a way to make them legal. They always find a way to keep people from being sent back instead of figuring out a way of keeping them here legally. I was born to undocumented immigrant parents and have known many, many undocumented immigrants. It is sad to see how liberals keep them down and prevent them from being able to live the American dream by finding ways to keep them in the shadows instead of helping them to be able to hold there head up high by becoming legal immigrants and eventually citizens. We need to fix this problem. But we need to pull the band-aid off to do it. It will hurt really bad for a short time, but in the long run it will allow these wounds to breathe and heal. Liberals keep putting gauze on top of gauze to the point that this immigration issue has reached the point of gangrene.


  1. Of course there were more liberals. El Paso has more liberals than conservatives, you are just going to have to face that reality.

    Its funny that you mentioned Fernando Garcia dramatizing the situation while at the same time you have been having this "the sky is falling",El-Paso-is-the-murder-capitol-of-the-world drum beat on your blog.

    You comment, "My real problem with the way liberals handle immigration issues is that they always find a way to keep these people in hiding instead of finding a way to make them legal." demonstrates that your are quick to critique liberals but aren't secure in your facts.

    CIR legislative language had was to help make them legal. Which is why conservatives killed those bills.

    Know who else had the same desire to make them legal only to be blocked by Republicans?

    George W. Bush.

  2. You make a very valid point. The Republican Party is supposed to be the ant-immigration party yet Republicans have been the ones who have done more to address the immigration issue than anyone else. First there was Reagan then W. Their attempts were not without fault but at least those presidents had the guts to address the issue. Democrats seem not to want to fix the immigration issue but rather just keep putting it on the back burner and keep immigrants in hiding.

  3. Another thing.....the Congressman's office actually contradicts themselves by saying that El Paso's "Safest City" status would be affected because undocumented immigrants would not want to report any crimes. Well if that is true then technically it would make El Paso safer since the ratings are based on "reported" crimes. "Reported" crimes drop then then technically El Paso's safety rating improves. I know its stupid to say but it is stupid to hear when Reyes' office spews out that El Paso is "The Safest City" based on reported or not reported crimes. I'm just using the same type of justification the Congressman's office uses.

  4. Your analysis is flawed because it is shallow and predicated on a contradiction. If Republicans really did anything to fix the problem, then it would've ended with Reagan.

    Bush never would've needed to address the issue if Republicans fixed the problem. But, the measures put forth by the Bush administration were killed by Republicans, so how is that "doing" anything to fix the immigration issue.

    Democrats have tried to push through legislation but anything that is interpreted as punitive towards businesses that hire the undocumented dies a swift death at the hands of the GOP who are protecting business interests.

    The LionStar

  5. This conversation has been brought up many times. People refer to Reagan being the last President to anything successful about immigration. That may be true but I have always said that it obviously did not fix the problem, it was only a temporary fix.

    The measure put forth my W did not fix anything but it did one thing, it addressed the issue Democratic Presidents have not had the you know whats to do.

    It may have been killed by Republicans, but it shows you that there have been more Republican Presidents, not Republicans in total don't spin my words around, that have addressed the immigration issue. The current Democratic President has not done that. He has been pitter pattering around the issue when he promised the Latino community he would address it in his first year in office just if elected. That's what makes it worse. He set his own deadline and could not meet it. He set the bar very high and has not even attempted to reach it. Now if he had just said that if elected he would address the immigration issue and not have given a specific deadline then people would have not been as upset. But that is not the case.


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