Friday, January 28, 2011

TFN Takes On Charlie Garza

The Texas Freedom Network, also known as TFN is a self proclaimed watchdog and activist group that claims to advance an agenda of religious freedom but really works on countering efforts of  what they call the conservative political agenda. Their website says they have 45,000 religious and community leaders yet they have fought tooth and nail to try to remove any mention of God in school books. They called a special meeting last week to talk about Charlie Garza. He is one of the newly elected members of the State Board of Education who has come out of his corner swinging since being elected.

Garza took on former Senator Elliot Shapleigh on his allegations against the El Paso Independent School District at his own swearing in ceremony and took on Mary Helen Berlanga on a controversial bill that would have eliminated 97% of all El Pasoans from participating in making a difference in the way kids are educated. And we are only in January.

Warning: Sarcasm in 3.....2.....1

Now I don't know how many of these 45,000 religious or community leaders were present at this meeting but I do know that they came to a unanimous decision on what their strategy was going to be to take on Charlie Garza. Their big strategy, their home run hitter, their ace in the hole was to ........wait for it.......wait for it............. call him a Right Winger!

People close to Garza tell me that he was hurt so bad by the vicious accusation that he had to ask for a leave of absence from his job and hasn't spoken to anyone in a couple days. How dare TFN go as far as calling a conservative a Right Winger? That was completely uncalled for. Do they not know that those types of accusations hurt not just him but also affect his friends and family. I just hope Charlie can get over this quickly and get back to doing what he does best; help improve the education of our children.

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  1. A la derecha all the way for Charlie Garza -- He will be a wonderful member on the Texas State Board of Education and has already demonstrated in his first SBOE meeting that he is not afraid to challenge the leftwing Dems. Charlie knows what students need to be taught because he works with them everyday in his position as school administrator. Texas is indeed blessed to have Charlie on the SBOE, and the good voters of El Paso should be commended for their choice of Charlie Garza.

    Donna Garner


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