Thursday, January 27, 2011

Security or Stupidity?

El Minero

Since the tragic events that happened in Arizona there has been talk about the possibility of increasing security for federal government officials including members of Congress

Such increase was present today at EPCC’s (El Paso Community College) Northwest Campus as EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and U.S. Congressman Silvestre Reyes were scheduled to address the communities concerns regarding the environment. 

There was a strong security presence by members of the El Paso Community College Campus Police Department. There were more than 6 officers providing security for the event, especially for Ms. Jackson since Congressman Reyes failed to attend.

Rumor has it that EPCC’s Campus Police is so short on manpower that some campuses were left with as little as only one police officer in order to boost security for this event. Does it make any sense to have just one officer to provide security for a whole campus which is filled by hundreds of students? What if something unfortunate such as another school shooting would have taken place? How would one officer provide security if such a scenario had played out? 

Some of you will claim that they could call El Paso Police if back-up is needed, but back up takes several minutes to respond. During an emergency situation it is crucial to respond and react in seconds, not in minutes. I think such a move was ill planned by Community College officials. 

So ask yourself, whose life is worth more, the life of a regular citizen or that of a U.S. Representative or federal government department head?

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