Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh No He Didn't........He Sure Did

Congressman Silvestre Reyes took the opportunity to pull the racist card on this very Martin Luther King Jr Day. (I spell it all out because MLK sounds to much like a vehicle Lincoln makes. We should give him the proper respect he deserves.)

Speaking at a press conference this morning, the Congressman expressed his feelings against the idea of Republicans trying to repeal what his office refers to as "the landmark Affordable Care Act" but is more commonly known as Obamacare to the rest of us hard working people. OK, he has the right to voice his opinion on the bill. But does he have the right to pull the racist card on Martin Luther King Jr Day? Now most of you are jumping up right now and saying that you saw the interviews he did and at no time did he pull the racist card. You are right......if you watched the English language news.

Now I was watching Univision Canal 26, a Spanish language station, at 5 PM today when I witnessed the interview where the Congressman said that people were against the healthcare bill because they were racist.
"un porcentaje del pueblo nacional esta en contra de Presidente Obama.....No estan de acuerdo que este una persona de color en control del pais"

Translation: A percentage of the people nationally are against President Obama.....They do not agree that a person of color should be in control of the country. He also goes on and says that "they" have used wrong information and misinformation to criticize this healthcare bill. Who, the racist?

I can't believe any person in Congress, man or woman, would make accusations like that on a day like this. After what happened in Tuscon and all the anti-rhetoric rhetoric he goes on Television and does this. He is the same Congressman who was on KVIA Channel 7 last Sunday who echoed the Pima County Sheriff's statement that said that we couldn't have "free speech without consequences". It is just another example of "do as I say and not as I do". But unfortunately the local media will not pick up on it. They will give the Congressman a pass and he can go along his merry way without being held accountable for his words. Welcome to good old El Paso......the land of the Libs.


  1. Via Facebook: Alejandro Torrealba- Congressman Reyes should watch President Obama's speech at the memorial service again. President warned against using inflammatory rhetoric like calling people racists....What do you think?

  2. To be honest, I don't believe we should take away from the real importance of the press conference. The conference had to do with the well-being of the citizens of El Paso. Let us not forget that if the Affordable Care Act is stricken from us, El Paso will suffer greatly.

    El Paso has the highest percentage of children and adults without insurance in the nation.

    More than 6.1 million adults and 1.4 million children in Texas are without basic health coverage.

    In El Paso we have one in three that are without health coverage.

    So this is not an issue about race or party lines, this is about our rights and the future of our children.

    God Bless.

  3. I agree, it shouldn't be about party lines.It should be about what is best for everyone. Unfortunately the Congressman's comments make it about party lines. Sarah Palin makes some comments that are offensive to some and the media blows it out of control.(Yes I agree, her comments could have been a little more sensitive to all people) Yet you and everyone else is giving the Congressman a pass by diverting the attention away from his actions that the President himself said we shouldn't be doing.(calling people racist) The press conference was not about what was best for El Paso, it was about Reyes and the Democratic Party Platform. In an interview with KVIA he said he saw "the hatred on the faces on so many people". Maybe its the frustration with the current administration and them trying to package an unconstitutional law as something that will benefit us yet would not let us read it until it passed. So much for transparency in our government. Doctors themselves don't agree with this Bill. We should take their opinions into consideration since they are the ones who will be or not be taking care of us if this bill goes all the way through. That would really affect ElPaso if no doctor would treat someone because of the new Health Care Act. Think about that. I would hate for my kids to not be treated by a doctor because the President didn't listen to every side of the argument.

  4. A couple of thoughts...

    In order to see a person/organization as their 'true-selves' compare/contrast statements made in English media and then in foreign language media. This is also true when looking at a organization such as Hamas.

    Where is it specified that health care is a right? Regardless of political affiliation; both sides of the aisle spout off sufficient quantities of toxic information that it is known to the State of California to cause cancer.

    And finally, opinions are like nostrils; everbody has at least two.

  5. I disagree with both of you in that it is not the responsibility for the government to dictate the direction of health care. It is the responsibility of the government to protect the individual rights through the bill of rights and those given by our creator.

    S. Reyes and his office has shown to ignore the Bill of Rights and the voices of those in opposition to his voting, which usually is along the party line.

    The disaster called Sylvester Reyes continues to swindle the voters to give up their Constitutional rights in order to be pimped by Congress and the White House for health care, which will be rationed, and for funneled fiat money to be sent to areas dependent on the government.

    Obamacare will put the states and doctors in debt, which, as a result, cause rationing.

    Reyes or his office staff don't have to worry about Obamacare, as they will be exempt, like most Marxist legislation which Reyes seems to vote for.

    By the way, maybe Reyes needs to explain why he gets so much money from the manufactures of the naked body scanners, which people are forced to go through at the airport. It's been proven they increase the chance of cancer in those who pass through them.

  6. Of course he didn't say that on the English language stations in town...


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