Saturday, January 29, 2011

Silvestre Reyes Named New Spokesperson.........

Just For Fun:

Many people have said that the only thing that came out of the President's second State of The Union Address was a bunch of false promises. 

I am proud to say that is not true. Congressmen Silvestre Reyes of El Paso, Texas missed a scheduled appearance in his very own district because he was in Chicago at the Wrigley Company headquarters where he was named the official spokesperson for Hubba Bubba brand bubble gum. The Wrigley executives saw the Congressman chewing a piece of gum on national television as the President was giving his speech earlier this week. They instantly new they had found their next spokesperson. Executives tell me that a whole new marketing campaign will be launched and consists of billboards and television commercials with Reyes chewing Hubba Bubba brand bubble gum as a backwards American flag flies behind him. 

El Paso can finally be proud of their long time Congressman.

(It's OK to laugh, no really go ahead no one is watching.)

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  1. It doesn't surprise me that Silver showed how little class he has by chewing gum at the SOTU speech. If you noticed, he was very prominently seated near the aisle so he could get his gum chewing mug on TV shaking the President's hand.

    The cameras cut to him when Obama was referring to the DREAM Act, and he looked like a bobble-head doll nodding so much.

    I guarantee you that the autographs he got from the President he "sold" to pay back big time donors from last fall's race.

    This guy is classless, ignorant, and is an embarrassment to El Paso.


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