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Richard Wiles Asks For Your Support (Not Mine)

Many of you have received a letter from El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles and the Sheriff's Association of Texas. I didn't get one so a friend of mine scanned it and sent it to me via e-mail. Rumor says that I was taken off of Wiles e-mail and Christmas list a few years back. I can't believe it. You accuse him and his department of police abuse, you run a campaign against him, you call him out on his B.S. every chance you get and that gets you taken off of his Christmas list. That's a bunch of bull if you ask me. But what can I do? Oh I know. I can continue pointing out his inconsistencies and let the people of El Paso know what Richard Wiles is really about. Or I can just do what everyone else does and look the other way and pretend everything is just fine. No, that's not my style. Let's take a look at the letter. Here it is in case you didn't get one.

In the letter Wiles asks for your support. He specifically asks for $25.00 to become an associate member of the Sheriff's Association of Texas. OK, that sounds reasonable. Plus its for a good cause, right? But what is that money going to be used for you ask. Well the letter states that the $25.00 will go to help support crime prevention and public safety programs.Once again that sounds kosher to me. What concerns me is this part of the letter (there is two parts) that says that it will promote the arrest and prosecution of drug traffickers. How can Wiles ask for money to promote the arrest and PROSECUTION of drug traffickers if he has publicly said that he will not participate in enforcing federal law. Once again this is typical Wiles double talk. He says he will do something for you when he wants your money but then goes on the record and says he will not do what he promised. How much longer will we put up with this El Paso? How long will we continue to give him a free pass.  The letter also states that you will receive a quarterly publication called The Lawman. The letter claims it has a list of current laws among other things. You mean it has a list of current laws, even the ones that Richard Wiles will not enforce? I just have a hard time understanding how El Paso elected a law enforcement agent that refuses to enforce the law. Its like hiring a plumber that won't fix pipes, a secretary that won't file paperwork, a lock smith that won't open locks, a pool guy that won't clean pools and so forth and so on. You get my point.

Here is the second part of the letter.

This part outlines what your $25.00 will get you. A membership card, two window decals, discounts at hotels,     a membership to a credit union. But what really catches my attention is the last thing becoming a member allows you to do. You will help fight crime in Texas! Really? Or maybe it should read You will help fight crime in Texas as long as you don't make anyone feel uncomfortable. Wiles has stated that enforcing federal law will make minorities not feel comfortable around law enforcement agents and break the relatioship that law enforcement agents have worked so hard to build with the community. Right, have you seen the news lately? The last two sentences just before Wiles' signatures just really drive the hypocrisy home.
"By returning the attached form with your membership, you'll be taking an active role in preventing crime and giving the community back to law abiding citizens. Please join us in making Texas a place that is safer and more secure for our families"

Wiles has the nerve to tell people to take an active role when he has been passive on enforcing laws himself. How can we make Texas a safer place and more secure for our families if we choose not to secure our borders. It just doesn't make sense. I know plenty of people are saying just send the money or don't but don't make such a big deal about it. I know what my critics say. But this isn't about $25.00. This is about the lies and the B.S. that this elected official continues to get away with on a daily basis. We claim we are going to hold our elected officials accountable and harass city council and commissioners court for just about everything yet we forget to go after Richard Wiles. It just doesn't make sense El Paso. I have been relentless in my efforts to bring the truth to light about Richard Wiles since 2006. I have been put through so much for doing it. My personal, business and family life have been affected by it. But I will not stop. It takes a whole lot more to silence me Wiles. It's going to take more than your goons roughing me up to make me stop.

It is time that we hold his feet to the fire. It is time we take a closer look at what he is really about. We elected him to do a job, even though there were a lot of questionable things in his past that no one would talk about(has nothing to do with his lifestyle) because he had the protection of the police department, district attorney's office, and other city leaders, yet he refuses to do it. He took an oath to enforce  the law yet he has publicly stated that he will not. The county went through a tough time balancing the budget yet Wiles has a personal lawyer on his staff. Isn't that what  the County Attorney's Office is for? Everyone's response was Well, Leo Samaniego had one. That doesn't mean anything. If Leo Samaniego had a an extra marital affair would that make it OK for Wiles to have one as well. No it doesn't. If Leo Samaniego had an an undocumented worker as his maid, would that make it OK for Wiles to have one? No it wouldn't. So get off of the whole grandfather clause excuse. We need to get rid of this worthless Sheriff and his on staff lawyer Bill Ellis. I bet Ellis' salary would pay for a few more Sheriff's deputies. With the possibility of crime spilling over from Juarez becoming a reality we need more deputies on the streets and not an overpaid on hand lawyer who likes to push his very personal agenda during county time.

So if you received one of these letters and you are going to send in the $25.00, I am not telling you not too, I ask that you consider writing a letter to the Sheriff's Association and pointing out Wiles' inconsistencies and help me hold our elected officials accountable.

(The name of the person who received this letter was removed to protect their identity. I would hate for Richard Wiles to retaliate against this person like he has retaliated against me)

*NUNYA- none of your business

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  1. Way to go. If you go to ABC Extra (1-30-11) about how Wiles' unwillingness to enforce law. It is up to the discretion of the state to enforce law and that includes immigration law. According to Gomencindo Lopez, "There are very, very few laws on the books that are mandated as law enforcement officers to enforce." Like I said before, Wiles will pick an choose the laws he wants to enforce, like a dictator, to accommodate his office. Even if Perry gets the legislature to pass a check on immigration status, these dictators in this city will not enforce the law(s).
    By the way, Wiles complained to EP Commi Court about getting his fair share in money to his depart, even though he got a hefty sum from the federal commi govt., according to S. Reyes newsletter. The Sheriff's Assoc. was involved in supporting Wiles for his action of getting This money (to further bankrupt the city). This was also a KVIA Extra edition.

    I wonder how far this association is going to go in supporting Wiles? You know Quid Pro Quo kind of deal. What do you think?


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