Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jesse Jackson Jr Is Consistent

Just over a week ago I saw a video on You Tube of Jesse Jackson Jr asking that the Constitution be changed so that it requires every "ghetto kid" to get a lab top and an i-pod.  I said this has to be a joke right. There is no way a Congressman could possibly be that, I hate to say it, stupid. See the video below and tell me if the word stupid is a stretch..

After talking to some people around town they tell me that this is typical Jesse Jackson Jr propaganda. He was just in town not too long ago at an event hosted by the El Paso Black Democrats. Of coarse my invitation must have got lost in the mail so I didn't attend. But at least one person in attendance said that Jr went into a similar rant about providing refrigerated air for all low income housing in El Paso. I just want to know what kind of people vote for this guy? The country is struggling financially and this Congressman wants to spend our hard earned money to give kids means to entertain themselves and refrigerated air to those who are already being helped by the government while hard working, tax paying Americans who some still have swamp coolers on their houses pay for all of it. It just doesn't make sense. We have to remember. There is no justice in social justice. Why? Because you have to take away from one to give to another. Try doing something like that with your kids. They'll let you know right away what they feel about it. And if they don't they will hold some sort of resentment towards the child that got whatever was taken away from them. That happens with adults as well. Let's stop giving people reasons to resent each other. 

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