Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reporter Wants President to Veto Second Amendment

Today the President of the United States and the President of Mexico addressed reporters in the East Room of the White House. The Presidents talked about the G20 summit, immigration, the shooting death of Ice Agent Jaime Zapata, clean energy, trucking, a little bit about the NFL and Libya. An interesting combination if you ask me. The NFL thing was really out there and not necessary but you know how some of these reporters get.

What really got me was the question by a Mexican reporter. It's not a racial thing, the guy was speaking Spanish so I put one and one together and came up with the conclusion that he was a Mexican reporter. But anyway. The reporter asked our current president if he had the power to veto the second amendment and asked if he would consider doing it so the killings would stop in Mexico. REALLY?

This reporter obviously did not do any of his homework before asking his question. I bet he wrote that question late one night and thought that it was going to be the "save all" idea of the year, the no brainer everyone was looking for, the one thing that would save the world.Too bad he failed to understand that the Constitution of the United States gives us the right to bear arms and can't be vetoed by the President. But then again the reporter has probably been following the whole health care bill fiasco and thought that if the President could go against the Constitution by forcing all Americans to buy Health Insurance then he could go against the Constitution and take away the rights of Americans to defend themselves and bear arms. Quick side bar. Would the President's Health Care bill force undocumented immigrants to buy health insurance as well and would the IRS penalize them on the Tax Returns of the person who illegally uses their U.S. born children on their Tax Returns if they didn't buy health insurance? Just wondering.

Back to the second amendment thing. How does this ignorant reporter think that taking away the right to bear arms of Americans will stop the killing in Mexico? Like my mom use to say......Ta loco! Weapons are illegal in Mexico and that doesn't stop the killings. Making weapons illegal in the U.S. will not stop the killings either. Why should Americans give up their right to protect themselves because Mexico can't control the killings by the drug cartels. This might sound cheesy but guns don't kill people, bad people kill people. Let's get rid of the bad people and stop pretending we don't know who they are Presidente Calderon.

Something needs to be done to stop the violence. But we need to take a more aggressive stance. Let's stop worrying about hurting people's feelings and stop worrying about sending the wrong message. We are watching as thousands of people are dying because we want to be politically correct. Political correctness will only get us to more funerals.  I would rather have many more people call me names and insult me than have less of them say thank you for not hurting their feelings because more of them are dead. Mexico wants the U.S. to do more but they do not allow U.S. agents to carry weapons. U.S. agents in Mexico are unarmed and are being killed over their SUVs. How are they supposed to protect the people of Mexico or find a way to combat the cartels if they can't even protect themselves. I really think Calderon has to talk to his Congress and figure out a way to allow U.S. personal to be able to carry weapons in Mexico. I'm not asking for troops to go into Mexico carrying automatic machine guns as they walk through the streets. I'm suggesting that special agents get special permission to carry weapons to protect themselves as they work on trying to protect the lives of the people of Mexico.

Now I have been very critical of Congressman Sylvestre Reyes and his lack of action to stop the violence from crossing over into the U.S. Reyes took the pathetic "we can't do anything about stray bullets" stance when in two different occasions bullets came over the border from Juarez and hit buildings in El Paso. I accused him of being reactive instead of being proactive. I said it would take someone to die before he did anything. Did any of you see the news after ICE agent Jaime Zapata was killed? Sylvestre Reyes was hogging the cameras every chance he got saying the U.S. would do everything to find those responsible for killing Zapata. Raids were conducted in the U.S. and several people have been arrested in connection to the killing. Why can't they do those kind of raids without someone being killed first? How many more people must die before we start going after those who have ties with the cartels in the U.S? Answer me that Congressman Reyes. Or do we have to be related to you so you can use U.S. resources to keep us from danger. If that's the case, my mother's maiden name is Reyes. It really is.

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