Monday, March 21, 2011

I Deserve An Award

Charlie Garza
Sergio Lewis

I want to set the record straight before I even start. I have a lot of respect for both of these guys. Commissioner Sergio Lewis is a former local School Board Member and Charlie Garza is a current member of the State Board of Education. They both have a lot of passion when it comes to the education of our children. They met for the first time in the parking lot of the El Paso Times on Saturday and had a long conversation about several issue affecting schools. There are a few local politicians who are known for can I say it? OK I'll just come out and say it. They are a little long winded. That's OK if you only have one. But what are the odds of having two who are known for putting a death grip on a microphone in one parking lot at the same time? Don't get me wrong, the conversation was very interesting and informative and educational and insightful. (see the pattern)

Now earlier in the morning we witnessed what I was told was a candidate for City Council make a reference to a candy bar so standing next to these to guys made me want to reach for a Snickers bar. (Gonna be a while?)

Luckily we had to be at another engagement and left after six goodbyes and ten hand shakes later or else we would have seen a picture of a silhouette of three men talking in a parking lot with the Super Moon coming up over the horizon on the front page of the Sunday El Paso Times. I personally think I deserve to be nominated for a Conquistador Award for enduring that conversation. Why not, some people have won the award for a whole lot less.

These to guys are going to kill me for posting this. But what the was funny huh?

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