Sunday, March 27, 2011

"The Mostest With the Leastest"

I was going over some of my mental notes of the forum last Saturday held by the Greater El Paso Republican Women. You like that? Going over my mental notes. That just pretty much means I just remembered something but saying I was going over my notes sounds much better than, Oh crap I forgot to mention. It's all in the presentation baby!

So like I was saying. There was some memorable things that were said at that forum. the whole chocolate bar speech is still the winner of the "Oh no he didn't " award but this next quote comes in very close at second place.
"We need to do the mostest with the leastest" - Ann Morgan Lilly
Pobresita.(Awww poor thing) She really said "the mostest with the leastest" in front of a room of grown ups. It would be acceptable if she was talking to a group of pre-schoolers but not in front of a group of adults.

So in the words of Ann Morgan Lilly; I think she will get the "leastest" votes in this race.

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